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Nice, France - Our visit to Nice on the French Riviera.

A cruise ship vacation aboard the Millennium!

Picture of Bill having coffee in an outdoor cafe in Nice.
Bill in outdoor cafe in Nice

Flower Market - This is part of the flower market in Nice France.

pictures of french candy in Nice France
French Candy?

French Candy?
pictures of candy in France

French Candy?

Kathy at an outdoor cafe in Nice
Outdoor cafe photos - Nice France - Celebrity Cruise Review

Kathy in Nice France

Kathy somewhere in Nice

Kathy taking Video in Nice

Park in Nice
Piture of a park in Nice

Public Beach in Nice
picture of public nude beach in Nice France

Yes there are some topless women on the beach...good luck finding them in this picture!

Public Park in Nice
Picture of a public park in Nice France

Street in Nice France
street scene picture in Nice

Villafranche Harbor


picture of A famous church in Monaco

View of a Church in Monaco

Our tour guide posing for a photo with me.

Bill and Tour Guide posing for a picture.

I think she likes me

An interesting building 

picture of changing of the guard in Monaco on our Celebrity Cruise aboard the Millennium cruise ship

Changing of the Guard in Monaco


Church where Princess Grace is Buried

This building was too big and no where to get far enough back to get the whole building in one photo


Bill seems to have a lot of pictures of Fabienne :)

Fabienne - the Tour Guide
Bill liked Fabienne ..

picture of a harpoon launcher in Monaco
Harpoon Launcher
Maritime museum

picture of church where princess grace is buried

MaInside Church in Monaco Many people light candles in the church where Princess Grace is buried

The inside of the Church in Monaco.

This the church were Princess Grace is buried

pictures of cannons in Monaco

Kathy in Monaco

Lunch in Monaco
picture of kathy having lunch in Monaco. Best Roquefort cheese ever!

Kathy had a salad that she claims had the best Roquefort cheese on it she had ever eaten....don't ask her about it!

Prince's Palace in Monaco
picture of Prince Rainier's official home in Monaco

Prince Rainier's official home .. apparently he has several villa's also

Princess Grace's Tomb

Hers is the only grave in the church where flowers are placed

Princess Stephanie lives here

Caroline lives right next door .. or should we say they have villa's here .. who knows where they actually live

stained glass in church picture

Stained Glass in the Church 

picture of a very narrow side stree in Monaco

Very narrow side street.  There were quiet a few of these streets that were too narrow for vehicles... even if there weren't so many people wandering through them.

This was a regular boulevard... most streets were not nearly so wide.

picture of a submarine
An old submarine on display outside the Marine Museum

Some of these views are spectacular to say the least.

picture from the top of monaco

However, it was very windy up there at the top of the mountain.

beautiful view of Monaco on our Millennium Celebrity Cruise
Just another breath taking view.