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Pictures of Osaka from Our Cruise Review of the Sapphire Princess on an Asian Cruise to the Orient.

These are pictures of our brief visit to Osaka Japan before boarding the Sapphire Princess.

We had a wonderful time in Osaka and would go back and spend more time there and in the rest of Japan if given the opportunity. The people were extremely friendly and polite, the city was clean and in general it was a great place to visit.

Below are some of the many pictures we took while visiting Osaka, and boarding the cruise ship.

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Photos of the hotel room in Osaka Japan pictures of the cruise ship cabin - Sapphire Princess cruise review pictures of the japanese toilet at the hotel in Osaka Japan
We stayed at the Righa Royal Hotel in Osaka. It was magnificient! The beds were small and low but very comfortable. Beautiful rooms. The toilet at the Rihga Royal was elaborate. I was a little afraid to use it... Look at all the buttons. Japanese toilets.
Food picture Osaka Japan - photos of our meal in Osaka Inside restaurant photo - Osaka Japan pictue of a sign showing no cell phones allowed Photograph of the lobby of Righa Royal Hotel in Oska Japan
We had no idea what all this was but it was beautiful. I must say though, I don't really care for most of the Japanese cuisine. We are used to No Smoking in restaurants .. In Japan you could smoke but DO NOT USE A CELL PHONE. I think it's a great idea. The lobby had a beautiful waterfall in back of glass. It was a huge lobby and very impressive.
picture of Rihga Royal Hotel in Osaka Japan - Cloud like lights in the ceiling picture of Osaka Japan - street scene prior to our Sapphire princess asian cruise to the Orient Osaka Japan - Picture of a canal
The Lights looked like clouds. Some of the amazing things we saw on our Asian cruise to the Orient Lots of cranes around for the construction going on in Osaka. I was impressed until I saw the construction in Bejing and Shanghai... A canal in front of the Hotel. It had paths to walk down by the water on. Very pedestrian friendly.
Photo Osaka Japan Parking garage japanese parking garage in Osaka Japan Japanese vending machine pictures
To use lots of space in the garage, they had elevators. It was cool the way they stack the cars up on racks. They can really pack a lot of cars in a small space. It was fun to watch the cars being placed onto the racks with fork lift type machinery. Vending machines were everywhere. You could by damned near anything in the vending machines in Osaka.
Shopping in the Hotel Rihga Royal - pictures of designer shops under the hotel Picture of the Righa Royal Hotel Lobby - waitress serving us coffee food pictures - osaka japan
Fabulous Designer shopping in the hotel.. it was huge. More shops than you could count, and all seemingly high-end. We had coffee in the lobby lounge and this was our lovely waitress. The service is extremely good here. Lots of food samples so that we Westerners would know what to order. All part of making us feel welcome... and it works.
Sapphire Princess picture from the dock in Osaka picture of the Tempozan Ferris wheel - photograph photograph of the  sapphire princess in osaka japan
Finally there she is .. The Sapphire Princess. Our old friend from our Mexican Riviera Cruise The Tempozan Ferris wheel was right next to the boat. It was a huge thing. We rode it and took photos of the ship. A view of the Sapphire from the dock at Osaka. It's getting exciting...I'm really looking forward to this cruise review.
Photo of the Tempozan Ferris Wheel in Osaka Japan picture ship osaka japan - tall ship pictures tour boat in Osaka Harbor - the santa maria
The Tempozan Ferris Wheel, one of the largest in the world. Just look at how tall it is. Lots of interesting ships sailed by to take a look at the Sapphire Princess in port. Picture of the "Santa Maria" tour boat in Osaka Harbor.
Tempozan Ferris Wheel in Osaka Japan - picture One of the gondolas on the Ferris wheel view from the ferris wheel
Looking from the bottom of the Tempozan Ferris Wheel. One of the gondolas on the Ferris wheel. Cruise review pictures. A view from he Ferris wheel.
Cruise review pictures from the sapphire Princess asian cruise to the Orient - veiw from the top of the Tempozan Ferris Wheel Picture of indoor shopping mall in Osaka Japan
An even bigger view from the Ferris wheel. You can see all of Osaka from up here. The Tempozan Market at the dock. A very large indoor shopping mall. Another view of the inside of the Tempozan Market.