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Cruise Review - Eastern Caribbean on the Caribbean Princess - Cruise Critic Group Fun

We met on the Cruise Critic Roll Call board and finally the day came .. we met IRL (In real life for those who don't do computer speak) and the fun was on!

Cruise Critic friends really make the cruise...

We met on the Cruise Critic Roll Call board, we talked, we laughed, we cried, we planned and plotted, we shopped we changed hair styles, we married off kids, we waited patiently for the song of the day, we traveled, we discussed TV shows that have a fall preview next week last season... In short, we got to know each other in cyber space. Then finally the day came .. we met IRL (In real life for those who don't do computer speak) and the fun was on!!

I am not captioning these pictures .. you know who you are, and if you weren't there do you really care who we are .. just watch the fun we had. Note to some .. these pictures have been censored .. so rest easy :)

We've taken 11 cruises I think, and I sure wish we had done this on all of the previous cruises.  I don't know if it was just luck to run into so many wonderful people through the Roll Call board, or if this is common, but I am sure going to try to use the same tactics for my next cruise.

It's just so much more fun to head off in groups of friends who already know each other and thus feel much more comfortable as you explore your new environment.  Usually at least one of our group had been there previously, or had relatives nearby, etc., adding to the group experience.

I'm pretty sure we will be cruising with some of the members of this group again on future cruises.

Cruise Critic is a really great place to learn, make friends and help out other cruisers. cruisescritic. try it you will like it !!

Special note here .. Judy is a Cruise Planner .. she can be reached at bestcruiseplanners . but be sure to get her to go with you on the cruise .. she is a blast !!!

Note from Bill:

Originally I was going to have just thumb nailed pictures displayed like the rest of the site, but Kathy wanted a slide show.  So I looked around on Google for a free slide show using JavaScript, and found this one.  Works pretty good.

The thumb nailed pictures that you click on to enlarge are below in case you want to find a particular photo more quickly than going through 202 pictures one at a time in the slide show.

Have fun.


Slide Show
Roger and Judy - Dinner our first night in Florida

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restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale Florida picture Steve and Beth at dinner the first night in Ft. Lauderdale Picture of Kathy at Chef Marks restaurant in Ft. Lalderdale Bill Lund at Chef Marks restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale
Roger and Judy Steve and Beth Kathy Bill  
Photo of sail away party on the Caribbean Princess Cruise critic sailaway party as we leave for the Caribbean Kathy, Char and her hubby Richard cruise ship party Blow up doll pictures on the ship
Kathy the pirate Christine Kathy, Char and
Cruise critic sailaway
Dave having fun at the party Dave sure likes the dolls Sail Away party on the Caribbean Princess cruise ship Pictures of the sailaway party
Dave and Francesca        
Pictures of some of our group having drinks in one of the ships bars pictures of the group having fun on the ship Photo of ships crew funning it up with the passengers
        Even the ships crew
liked to party with us.
Karen sure gets around picture ships crew Caribbean Princess Dancing on cruise ship cruise ship party
Well, at least they liked
the girls.
Maybe too much. Dave and Karen dance    
cruise critic get together on the Caribbean Princess cruise ship fun cruise critic group
    Hey Scott.    
pictures of cruise critic group get together caribbean princess party time
picture of dave cruise ship fun
nice butt relaxing on deck after a naughty night Photo of Bill Lund aboard the Caribbean Princess All dressed up
cruise critic group gets formal - photograph Bill & Kathy Lund in Formal attire on the cruise ship Kathy Lund on the Caribbean Princess photo cruise critic gathering picture cruise critic gathering
  One of the Formal
  Another cruise critic
get together
party pictures cruise ship pictures
picture cruise ship party
  There's those ships
officers again.
fun pictures Caribbean Princess
party pictures
girls gone wild Cruise ship pool pictures cruise ship pool photos
pool party  Caribbean Princess Pool shot on a cruise ship
Picture of the bow of the Caribbean Princess Docking the boat in St. Maarten
Picture picking seagrapes
Beach picture St. Maarten Picture beach caribbean cruise
picture of mixed drink in the Caribbean
    The bus rides were great fun! We all had a ball. Dave is going scuba diving.
swimming in the Caribbean at Princess Cays picture swimming in the Caribbean at Princess Cays Photograph swimming in the Caribbean at Princess Cays
    Swimming out in front
of the bungalows
The water was warm
and beautiful.
swimming in the ship photo Party pictures the Caribbean on a cruise Beach party pictures beach party pictures Princess Cays
pictures of lunch at the bungalow - Princess Cays
      Don't want to get sunburned!