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Ancient Greece - Delos - Mykonos - Delphi - Pictures - Cruise Review Crown Odyssey

Ancient Greece - See our pictures of ancient Greece from our cruise ship vacation aboard the Orient Lines Crown Odyssey and read our cruise review.

Our Cruise Ship Reviews - Delos and Mykonos on the Crown Odyssey

Ancient Greece - way cool...what a great cruise we had.  Seeing places like the Delphi oracle and all the unbelievable ruins.  I am now hooked on cruise ship vacations! On with the review.

pictures of Delos - Ancient ruins, a staircase in Delos

Stairs going to the second floor of a house in Delos.  This must have been a mansion.

pictures of ruins in Delos Greece

The courtyard of the same house with a mosaic floor and marble columns.  The short circular column has a hole down to a  cistern. Drop down a bucket and bring up some water.

xMosaicDelos4.jpg (39948 bytes)

Detail of the mosaic .. see the tiger in the corner???



Ruins of a theater in Delos Greece - photo

Bill sitting in the royal seats at the theatre in Delos.

picture of Famous lions of Delos Greece

The famous lions of Delos.  What a treat this was !!!

picture of a lizard in Delos

A lizard from Delos.. this one is for you Kris !!!!

picture of Kathy in the ruins of Delos

Kathy and the other ruins of Delos :)

picture of the harbor at Mykonos - Beautiful blue color of the water

The Harbor at Mykonos .. look how blue it is !!!

Street scene in Mykonos Greece - pictures of shopping

One of the many shopping streets in Mykonos... Paradise for sure

narrow street in Mykonos Greece

A very narrow street in Mykonos... and most of them were like this one.

Me (bill lund) in Mykonos Greece sipping some Greek coffee

Kathy's favorite picture.... Bill Goes Euro !!!!!

windmills on the coast at Mykonos Greece

The windmills on the coast at Mykonos.

Internet cafe in Mykonos Greece this was a nice one

Internet cafes seem to be very popular in Greece .. so of course we had to try the first one we saw......

Internet cafe mykonos greece

Kathy was a bit disappointed ... she couldn't chat on Aol but could Read and Write Mail.

Lea  intenet cafe in Mykonos Greece

This is Lea .. it was her cafe and she was a real sweetie !!!