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Inner Tubing in Belize - Norwegian Sea Cruise Ship Vacation - Review with pictures

Didn't take the camera with us on the inner tube journey, but we got some photos at the start and the end.

Norwegian Sea Cruise - Belize - Inner tubing through under ground caves with pictures.

Sorry we don't have pictures of Cave Tubing .. but we didn't buy an underwater camera and it was enough for me just to navigate the river let alone take pictures too.  This was a wonderful excursion and I highly recommend it. Try to bring a waterproof camera because the insides of the caves are really cool.  They give everyone a head light thingy, and at some point they have the whole group turn off their lights...and boy is it dark in there without the lights.
Norwegian Sea pictures - destination Belize - pictures of the jungle on the way to the under ground river caves

The Jungle we walked through on the way to cave tubing .. no pictures from the caves .. we were in water and didn't want to fool with a camera

picture of under ground cave tubing shore excursion in Belize on our Norwegian sea cruise

This is where we came out of the caves. To bad we weren't able to take photos inside the cave. Next time I am going to take a water-proof camera.

pictures tubing belize shore excursions destination from our cruise review of the Norwegian Sea

This is a little ways into the caves. Inside the caves it's pitch-black and you need cap mounted lights to see.

Norwegian Sea Photos 063.jpg (126232 bytes)

Again .. the jungle was beautiful. Tubing in the caves was a fantastic shore excursion we would recommend to anyone.