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Pictures of Cruise Ship Food and Photos of Food from our Ports and Destinations.

For those of you who want to see pictures of the food, here they are...all of the food pictures I took on the trip.  If it isn't labeled then I don't know what it is.

Too many food pictures for one page so I'm breaking it up into several pages.  The pictures are in no particular order.  Sorry about that.

Food pictures from our vacation on the Oosterdam cruise. 

french toast and bacon
French toast and bacon for me on the ship this morning.
an omelet, potatoes, and a sausage link.
Kathy had an omelet, potatoes, and a sausage link.
food market
Market in Arhus.
A candy store in Berlin next to Check Point Charlie
A candy store in Berlin next to Check Point Charlie. How odd.
jelly donuts on the cruise ship Oosterdam - a baltic cruise review
Jelly filled donuts on the ship.
potatoes and sausages - breakfast on a cruise ship
Potatoes and sausages to go with your jelly donuts?
pictures of hot dogs and sausages on HAL's Oosterdam
And hot dogs and sausages too. Cruise ships have all kinds of food. Some more than others. HAL is great.
bread and sauerkraut and pretzels
And bread and sauerkraut and pretzels.  I still think it was an odd buffet.
picture of Kathy having a cruise ship drink of the day on the Oosterdam
Does the "drink of the day" count as food?
cruise ship cuisine - Hors D'oeuvre pictures from the HAL Oosterdam

Hors D'oeuvre anyone?

picture of wine on cruise

Some kind of wine thing going on.


cruise food before being cooked!

No no no...cook it first and THEN let me see it.

Fine cruise ship dinning pictures - tiny appetizers

The waiter brought these cute little appetizer things for us to try. Fine dinning on a cruise ship.

food photo

picture of Crab cakes being served on the Oosterdam

Cruise ship food pictures - The steak was perfectly cooked and the béarnaise sauce was to die for.

The steak was perfectly cooked and the béarnaise sauce was to die for.

picture rib-eye steak Oosterdam HAL lines

Nothing like a good Rib eye though. Cooked to perfection.

photos of food
pictures of asparagus side dish in the Oosterdam dinning room favorite vegetable.

picture of chocolate pudding - cruise deserts

I think it was some kind of chocolate pudding.

picture of after dinner coffee in the Oosterdam dinning room

And a great cup of coffee after dinner.

pictures of cookies on a cruise ship - food photos

Cookies available 24 hours a day.

cruise ship buffet pictures
Cruise food pictures
cruise buffet photos - Oosterdam HAL Lines  
TheLastNight 017.jpg (128473 bytes)
cruise buffet pictures
Oosterdam cruise buffet picture
photos of cruise ship buffets
cruise ship cusine - pictures of the buffet
Delicious looking cruise ship food
pool side food photos

Hot dogs by the pool. Great food and a great time.

cruise ship desert - pictures of desert in the Oosterdam dinning room

Chocolate cake and ice cream. Photos of the ships dinning room during desert.

TheLastNight 069.jpg (125818 bytes)
Looks great but what is it? Desert pictures from the dinning room of the HAL Oosterdam
cruise ship french fries - food pictures
French fries, veggies, meat...not sure what the sauce is.
Pictures of Steak and fries on a baltic cruise ship vacation - food picture
Fine dinning, excellent cuisine...
desert picture - Ice cream sunday

Creative devils these chefs! Great looking desert.

Visby 019.jpg (124516 bytes)

Ok...this was not on the ship that I can remember.

Visby 117.jpg (123179 bytes) Visby 120.jpg (125552 bytes)
Visby 129.jpg (128022 bytes) Visby 130.jpg (126798 bytes) Visby 131.jpg (125136 bytes)