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Delos - Photos from ancient Greece during our Greek island cruise ship vacation.

Delos and Mykonos - Pictures from ancient Greece

Ancient Greece - A collection of pictures of Delos that we took while on our vacation aboard the cruise ship Crown Odyssey.

Delos was, according to mythology, the birth-place of Apollo.  The  island of Delos was a sacred place with splendid buildings and sanctuaries and as such, it was never forgotten; many references are preserved by travelers who visited the island in the last centuries. Numerous pieces of sculpture were transferred to Museums of Greece and abroad, while marbles from the ancient buildings were used as building material by the inhabitants of the nearby islands.

According to the legends, Zeus impregnated their mother, Leto. Leto was chased by Hera, Zeus' sister and wife to the ends of the world for having an affair with her husband. Leto eventually ended up on an island that kept moving around the Aegean thus avoiding Hera's vengeance. 

When the time of birth came, Delos planted town in the center of the Aegean with a circle of islands around it (hence Cyclades). Leto was in labor for 9 days. Hera, the goddess of motherhood refused to help in the birthing process, as retribution for sleeping with Leto sleeping with Zeus. So Leto suffered until Artemis was born on the ninth day. 

Artemis (Roman Diana) was quite an accomplished infant since she then proceeded to help Leto give birth to her twin, Apollo. Apollo was an even more accomplished infant, stealing Hermes' sheep, going to Delphi to establish his oracle and then storming Mt. Olympus demanding he and Artemis be made into gods all on his first day of life.

Today Delos is essentially a large archeological site with no inhabitants except members of The French School of Archeology, who have been excavating the island for over 100 years. Over night stays on the island are forbidden. The ruins take up almost a square mile. Highlights can be encompassed in about 3 1/2 hours.

The island itself is relatively small- six kilometers long and 1,500 meters wide, but it is monumental in Greek history and mythology. Delos is not only the geological center of the Cyclades, but was once the commercial, religious, and commercial center

The Museum is full of statues, artifacts and other exhibits from the excavations, mainly from the archaic and classical period. Most exhibits are very impressive and it is definitely worth visiting. 

The visit to the museum can also be seen as a break from the typical walk around the ancient ruins scattered on the island. It can get very hot out there.  Take lots of water with you and wear comfortable shoes.

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photo of an ancient staircase  - ruins in Delos
A stone staircase in the home of a wealthy owner.

picture of an ancient cistern in Delos Greece
This is a cistern (where 
water is stored)


Another view of the 
cistern. I think the guide
said that this is one of
the earliest uses of arches
in building construction.

The cistern again.
picture of the legendary lions of Delos
That's me with the 
legendary "Lions of 
picture delos lion
Another lion shot.


Delos Lions - pictures from our Crown Odyssey cruise vacation
Lions of Delos at the museum



Lions of Delos
Statue of Lion in Delos

pictures of phallic symbols in the ancient ruins on the Greek Island of Delos
Phallic symbols were
big on Delos in more
ways than one.


ancient Delos ruins
picture of ruins in Delos


ancient ruins in Delos Greece from our cruise on the Odyssey

Delos Greece pictures of ruins

ruins Delos photos
Photos of Delos
Greek Island of Delos - photos

Delos - Photograph


Our tour group
gathers around 
our guide.


Delos ancient ruins cistern
Another cistern.


photograph of ancient ruins in Delos scultures of horses in delos
picture of sculpture of horses
images horses Delos Greece ruins
Kathy at the Delos
picture of the house of Dyonysos
House of Dyonysos


Picture of the crown Odyssey Cruise ship taken from the island
Our ship from the
island of Delos.
picture ruins ancient Greece picture of roman statue in the museum
Statue in museum. 


Item in museum.

Statue in museum. 


picture of cruise ship tenders
Our tender leaving
for the cruise ship Crown Odyssey.

Greek buns!

I sitting here in the

If you look close 
you can see the lizard
on the wall...I took the
picture cause my son
was really into lizards
at the time.


House of Dyonysos

House of Dyonysos
close up of mosaic on