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Cruise review of our vacation on the Oosterdam

Pictures of the people we've met on the cruises including passengers and crew.

>Pictures of friends and crew members

Pictures of the people we've met on the cruises including passengers and crew.

These are the people most responsible for some of the best times we've had aboard our cruise ship vacations.

Whitney an enterainter
Whitney one of our favorite members of the ships entertainment staff. She was a blast.
Whitney the lead singer on our Osterdam vacation
Millie. Millie and Roger are fantastic dancers. Really entertaining to watch.
pictures of three of the ships entertainers.
From left to right we have Jana, Sean, and Whitney, three of the ships very talented entertainment staff.
photo ocean bar oosterdam
Dindo, our friend from the Ocean Bar. Where we sampled each day the martini of the day.
picture birthday party cruise ship Oosterdam
Picture of the mini-cocktail party celebrating El and Cherie's anniversary.

Estella, the internet center's computer guru. If you needed help with your computer she was the one to see.
picture bus tour london england
I can't remember her name, but she was a great guide on our bus tour of London.
picture of our guide Olga on our shore excursion to the Heritage Museum tour.
Olga, our guide on the Hermitage museum tour.
picture of Helen, our guide on our moscow shore excursion.
Helen, our guide on our Moscow tour. She was very knowledgeable.


boat train London to Harwich
El and Cherie when we first met them on the boat train from London to Harwich.
sail away party photos from the Oosterdam's baltic cruise
El, Cherie, Roger, and Millie at the sail away party as we departed Harwich England to begin the cruise.
Suhedi, our cabin attendant
Suhedi, our cabin attendant. His service was near perfect. :)


fine dinning on the cruise ship Oosterdam
Harvey and Pat, one of the couples at our dinner table each evening.

Cherie and Kathy showing off.

Dino, who added immensely to our cruise experience.


Marinel - who prepared our cigars.

Kathy and Whitney- the lead singer.

Birte our tour escort to Berlin and one of the casino staff, Alyson.

Birte again

Wendy and Cat - from the activities staff. A real wild pair.
Kathy and the bear having a good time at the Hermitage museum.
Kathy and the bear having a good time at the Hermitage museum.

Christine from the gift shop smiling as usual.

We weren't the only ones with laptops!! They are quite popular.
the cruise ships beauty parlor.
Dorette doing Kathy's nails in the cruise ships beauty parlor.

Rhia -  a charming waitress. She was one of our favorites.

Cherie, El & Kathy in Visby

Some of the friends we met on excursions.

Marisol - Bill wants to adopt her. 

Bill hamming it up with one of the deck attendants on the cruise ship Oosterdam.