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Kathy's Blog - Second Sea Day on the Carnival Spirit, our Cheap Cruises Experiment

Kathy's cruise blog aboard the Carnival Spirit on our Mexican Riviera Vacation with stops in Acapulco, Manzanillo, and Zihuatanejo

Today was a restful day for us, we just vegged by the pool with Cruise Critic friends.  Didn't do much at all during the day, although of course there were games going on all day (at the other pool) we opted for the much quieter fantail to enjoy the gorgeous weather.  We were so lazy we didn't even explore the Spirit as we would usually do by now.

Gathering Material for Kathy's Carnival Spirit Reviews

Knowing that we were going to the Nouveau Supper Club tonight, I opted to skip breakfast and lunch and it was a good thing I did!! 

But before dinner, we gathered a ton of our Cruise Critic roll call friends on the aft decks for cabins 6260 and 6262 for some cocktails and (loud) conversation.  What a great group we have and we do seem to keep adding more new friends on-board.  The time flew, the wine flowed, the laughter was exhilarating and a good time was had by all. 

The Supper Club scores high on Kathy's Carnival Spirit reviews.

The it was off to the exquisite Supper Club for an amazing meal.  Since there were 12 of us we got to see an amazing selection of foods and I felt that the presentation alone was worth the price of admission ($30 / person), but the food was amazingly good and the service was impeccable.  The music was lovely and several of the group managed to dance between courses.  All in all a very enjoyable dinner.

After dinner we wandered a bit, but we didn't really do anything.  We were planning to go to the piano bar, but when we got there  a few minutes after 10PM it was deserted and there was a cover on the piano which we thought was a bit odd.  When I got back to the room I checked the days Capers and it does say it is open until 1:30AM.  We did notice that there were far less people all over the ship tonight so we are guessing that with tomorrow being our first port day, many people may have turned in early to be ready for early morning excursions etc.

For some reason, none of us are having any luck getting through on the phone to room service.  It does seem almost everyone in our group has the same experience of the phone ringing and ringing.  With the cocktail party tonight, I wanted to order several bottles of wine and when I couldn't get an answer after 20 minutes of music, I called the pursers desk.  She said let me put you through and I will stay on the line until they answer.  Finally, she said that she was not getting an answer either and she would keep trying and have them call me. 

It couldn't have been 2 minutes later when they called and told me that the realized it was taking a few seconds to get through but if I had just waited it would have been no problem.  I figured 20 minutes was enough since I never did get through for coffee this am.  Oh well, we did get the wine.  Perhaps that will improve as the days go on. I hate to be negative so early on in my Carnival Spirit cruise review...

We are still working on getting pictures put together and I will be gathering some facts about various things that people have asked.