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Cruise Ship Pictures of the Sapphire Princess - Review of an Asian Cruise to the Orient!

These are general interest pictures of places, events, and people we met on the cruise.

Although I am not a great photographer, I think we managed to capture the flavor of the cruise with my pictures.

picture of luggage being loadded onto the princess picture bow Sapphire Princess Photo of the gangway
Loading luggage on to the Princess. The pointy end of the Sapphire Princess, otherwise known as the bow. View of the gangway used to get passengers on the ship.
picture of lounge chairs picture Osaka Harbor
Tomorrow these lounge chairs will probably all be full of bodies, weather permitting. Plenty of traffic in this busy harbor. Tourists on a make-believe tall ship...notice that all of the people are at the bow. We seem to be a popular tourist attraction.
Picture of fireboat Osaka Harbor Japan Picture of pool on cruise ship. picture of pool and bar on cruise ship.
A fire-boat passes by. There were several fire-boats steaming around. One of the 5 (I think) swimming pools on board the Sapphire Princess. And every pool has to have a bar nearby of course.
Picture of cruise ship swimming pool
This pool is an indoor least it is when the ceiling isn't pulled back. No smoking in this area. Ok it's just a stairwell. But even the stair wells are attractive on this ship. The picture is a little dark, but this is one of the entertainment areas. I can't remember which one.
Crooner's Lounge  -  Sapphire princess
This is the Crooners lounge...the Martini & Caviar bar ..wireless available for your laptop here. We generally uploaded our website pictures at this location. You can smoke here. Care to purchase some gold chain? Once out of port they sell yards and yards of this stuff. Just a hallway somewhere...I usually don't really know where I am... if I need to know I ask Kathy.  :)
Main lobby Sapphire Princess Picture of main lobby Sapphire Princess picture - photo gallery
View of the main lobby from above. Another view of the main lobby from above. The photo-gallery, before they have any pictures to sell...just wait till tomorrow though. There will be plenty for the rest of the trip.
Dinner photo at our seating - Sapphire Princess Tugboat picture Nagasaki Japan
This is Churchill's ..the cigar bar. Our 2nd seating dinner mates. Betty & Jack, Leslie & Barry, Bill & Kathy and Carol & David. Tug boat pushing the bow in as we arrive in Nagasaki Japan.
Cruise Critics" group at Skywalkers lounge
We wait for our bus number to be called for our Nagasaki tour in the Grand Princess Theatre. Meeting with our friends, the "Cruise Critics" group at Skywalkers lounge. More of the Cruise Critics meeting.
Kathy talking to several members of the Cruise Critic  group. pool picture picture of pool
Kathy talking to several members of the Cruise Critic  group. A swimming pool somewhere on board. Another shot of the same pool aboard the Sapphire Princess.
Picture poolside bar - Sapphire Princess Photo of poolside band
One of the poolside bars. Kathy is about to snag the waiter for a "Mojito", a drink she is quite fond of that has crushed mint and god knows what in it. A band who plays poolside each day for our enjoyment.
Picture of dinner table with lots of glassware
Another shot of the band. Lots of people just "bagging some rays" as we used to call it in high school. LOL Kathy wanted this shot showing how many glasses there always was on the table.
Picture of Champaign fountain with a pyramid of stacked wine glasses. Picture of people on the balcony
Here are some pictures of the number of people that can accumulate in the Lobby during certain events. I  believe the event this time was the Champaign fountain with a pyramid of stacked wine glasses. They congregate everywhere, even on the balconies.
picture of lots of people in the lobby of the Sapphire Princess    
Lots of people.