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American Queen River Boat - A Review with Pictures of a Mississippi River Cruise

Pictures and our review of our Mississippi River Cruise on the American Queen Paddle Wheeler river boat

Cruise reviews of our cruise ship vacations!

The "American Queen" river boat cruise review. 

This was our honeymoon and our first cruise. We had a wonderful time and hope someday we can do another river cruise aboard the American Queen.

These are the photographs of our Mississippi River Boat Cruise. The camera was an early model digital, so the quality isn't necessarily all that great.

  Picture of the inside of a handicap stateroom on the American Queen Mississippi river boat  

Our cabin aboard the Mississippi Queen.


 photo of the bank of the Mississippi river from the deck of the padle wheel steam boat the American Queen 

A view from the 
steamboat of the 
banks of the Mississippi

 Mississippi River Boat Cruise Pictures 

More of the same views of the river bank.

 Photo1 10-4-96 8_03 PM.jpg (93960 bytes) 

and more river pictures

 picture of a bridge over the river 

Well at least it's a bridge.
Pretty big one.

  Photo10 10-2-96 3_15 AM.jpg (95418 bytes) 
Sure is a big river.


 American Queen Steam Boat Pictures 

The river boats get pretty close to the banks.

 pictures of barges on the Mississppi  

Barges everywhere you look. I've never seen so many barges.

 pictures of another riverboat docked near ours
This is another river boat docked up near the American Queen


 Bridge pictures - Mississippi River photos  
We went under too many
bridges to count.
   photographs of the banks of the Mississippi river 
Sometimes the banks
of the river are not so
 picture of Kathy and Bill having fun on thier river boat cruise  
Does it look like we are having fun? We are.
 Mississippi river photos  

Picture of the Mississippi River

 Picture taken inside the American Queen
A picture taken inside
the river boat.
 picture of the queen tied up at a levy
The Queen just ties up on
a levy whenever it wants.
   Relaxing aboard the American Queen 

Kathy relaxing in a 
chair on our patio
aboard the queen.
Poor Kathy

 photo of the inside of the river boat  
Another inside picture of the boat.
 pics of the Mississippi  
Photo of the Mississippi from the deck of the river boat
 Inside photos of the American Queen Cruise Boat
Inside the American Queen Paddle wheeler
 The American Queen on the Mississppi
pix taken from the deck of the American Queen River Boat
   paddle wheel boat  
ship pictures on the river
 picture of a river boat  
A picture of another river boat on the Mississippi river.
 boat and ship pictures on the Mississippi 
It seems as though there is nearly always an interesting vessel going by.
 Big picture of the paddle wheels on the boat  

Bill in front of the paddle wheel. The wheel is more impressive.

 picture of the river bank
The banks of the Mississippi.
   Picture of Bill looking into a cannon  
Yes bill, that is a cannon.
 Paddle Wheel Picture

Kathy and the paddle
wheel. Now that is impressive.

 River boat smoke stacks being lowered to pass under a bridge  

The smoke stacks 
had to be lowered
to get under a bridge.

  Smokestacks lowered pics
Yes, the stack is laying down on its side.
 river picture
   Photo5 10-1-96 8_55 PM.jpg (92395 bytes)   pictures of a southern mansion  
A mansion along the banks of the river.
 picture of a staircase in a plantation mansion in the south  
Cool stairway in the mansion.
   Photograph of a steam boat tied up at the dock
That boat just keeps popping up all over the place.
 Photo6 10-3-96 9_21 PM.jpg (93395 bytes)  
   More American Queen pictures
The river boat of course.  
 Photo7 10-3-96 9_35 PM.jpg (93161 bytes)  Photo8 10-3-96 10_09 PM.jpg (93289 bytes)    Photo8 10-5-96 2_41 AM.jpg (94938 bytes)    Photo9 10-1-96 9_10 PM.jpg (92642 bytes)  
    Photo4 10-3-96 8_37 PM.jpg (95487 bytes)      

In conclusion, if you like to relax during the day, party in the evenings, eat fantastic food and lots of it, the American Queen is in our opinion,
the best of the best in river cruising!