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Pictures of Rhodes on Our Mediterranean Cruise

Photographs of our short visit to the Greek Island of Rhodes on our Mediterranean cruise ship vacation

Photographs of our short visit to the Greek Island of Rhodes on our Mediterranean cruise ship vacation

Our Cruises - Cruise review of our Crown Odyssey cruise ship visit to Rhodes.

On our cruise ship vacation one of our stops was the island of Rhodes. We really enjoyed or visit to Rhodes, which consisted of a morning bus tour of the island and a visit to a famous fort.

picture of a statue of an angel in a fortress on Rhodes
Picture of a statue of an angel in the Grand Master Palace in Rhodes
Kathy and Bill all dressed up

Kathy and I all dressed up.

photo of Bill eating gyros at an outdoor cafe in Rhodes Greece.

Bill enjoying his gyros.





tourist pictures in Rhodes

Do I look like a tourist or what?

picture of the crown odyssey and another cruise ship in the port in Rhodes
Another cruise ship as viewed from the stern of the Crown Odyssey.
food picture - photo of lunch at a cafe in Rhodes... love greek food and the Mediterranean diet.

I really like this Mediterranean diet thing.  Food pictur

picture of a fortress on the Greek Island of Rhodes

The fortress

picture of a Greek Salad - food photos
Kathy seems to really like Greek salads.  Actually, so do I.  food picture
Rhodes street scene picture

Kathy on a side street in Rhodes.

xKathyhavingfun.jpg (40442 bytes)

Is Kathy having a good time. You could never guess...

mosaic floor in the fortress

A cool mosaic floor at the Grand Masters Palace

picture of a street in Rhodes
Street scene in Rhodes
pictures of statues in the Fortress

Picture inside the courtyard of the Grand Master Palace

xStreetofKnights.jpg (39976 bytes)
Typical side street in Rhodes
Relaxing with a beer at another outdoor cafe.

Finally, we can relax and have a beer at one of the many sidewalk cafes in Rhodes.

Trophy.jpg (32133 bytes)
Pictures from inside the palace


picture of a street with an arch connecting two buildings in Rhodes
Another street scene


BillinAegeon.jpg (41791 bytes)

Absolute proof that bill has dipped his foot in the sea.


picture of a cannon in Rhodes in the fortress
picture of a cannon at the fortress


picture of a black cat hiding

This black cat thinks that he is hiding....

Street in Rhodes


pictures of gargoyles high on the walls of the buildings

Gargoyles hang from the buildings.

picture of the grand master palace or fortress KathyShopping.jpg (41295 bytes)

Oh boy! We get to go shopping!

picture of a greek waiter...kathy was grooving on the waiters

Kathy was really grooving on the waiters at this outdoor restaurant!


Kathyatcafe.jpg (41648 bytes)


fountain in Rhodes
picture of a fountain at Rhodes