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Holland America Cruise lines passenger review of our vacation on the Oosterdam

Welcome to our cruise reviews, this one being the Holland America lines ship the Oosterdam.

Although we board the ship on August 27th, we actually leave home on the 22nd of August.  We have to fly to England from Boston, and we live near Portland Oregon on the west coast.

We fly on Southwest Airlines often enough to have a couple of Rapid Rewards tickets which we will use to fly to Providence, Rhode Island, the closest we could get to Boston on Southwest.  From Providence we will take the train to Boston where we will spend a night at the Four Points Sheraton before the long flight to London. Bill will get to have some of that Clam Chowder he loves at Faneuil Square .

We will be staying in London for three nights in a hotel right on Trafalgar square.

I'm setting up some of the navigation and web pages before we leave so it will be less work to update the site as we go.  Doing cruise reviews during the actual trip should improve the accuracy and volume as opposed to trying to remember what you meant when you read your notes...if you even took any notes which I am not known for.

Kathy has now finished making all the arrangements for flights and rooms and whatnot for getting to and from the cruise. She has done all of this online, getting great prices. She saved us a bundle on just the digital camera by buying it online instead of in a store.

We've purchased a Fujifilm FinePix 3800 Digital Camera for the trip since I managed to loose my last camera. I didn't loose it for long, but long enough for someone other than myself to find it apparently. I really like the camera.

We are taking Kathy's new HP ze5375 laptop with us, and we've loaded it with Photoshop, an FTP program, software for  the camera, and FrontPage 2000.  That should be all I will need to update the website during the trip.  The laptop even has a firewire port so maybe I can get our video camera hook up to it.  If so then we could have movies on the website.  We will see.

We've decided to organize this cruise review by creating a page for each day of the trip plus a few extra pages dealing with the ship and other items.  I've created a Ship Facts  page that tells all about the Oosterdam.  I've also created an itinerary page that details our itinerary. 

The navigation links will appear as we do our updates. I could put the navigation up beforehand but that might not make the search engine spiders very happy, and we want them to be happy. My plan is to upload the images and a new page for each day of the trip.  Ok it sounds ambitious...but the ship says it has data ports in every room, and the hotels all have internet access so we should be able to pull it off.

Quite a few of our friends and family want to track our vacation so we are going to do our best to get each page uploaded as quickly as possible. Try to make it a "Real Time" experience.