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Mykonos - Pictures of the Greek Islands and a Cruise Review

A visit to beautiful Mykonos during our Mediterranean cruise vacation through the Greek Islands

Mykonos Greece is one of the most famous Greek islands in the Aegean and attracts  thousands of visitors every year. It has the reputation of having one of the most sophisticated nightlife in Greece and the Mediterranean.

It is also an island which offers beautiful landscapes, picturesque white painted villages, hundreds of little churches, windmills and one of the most extraordinary golden sandy beaches in the Cyclades.

Mykonos cosmopolitan character has made it famous as an international tourist resort. Mykonos is  a beautiful, picturesque island with an all-white Hora (the main village) next to the crystal-clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea. 

Mykonos enchants the visitor with the golden, sandy beaches, the lively atmosphere, the friendly and easy-going people.

All these together with the clear atmosphere, the summer breeze, the colors - light and dark blue, gray, white - explain why Mykonos has inspired painters and photographers and has become the  holiday resort for many socialites. 

The islands beauty as well as the friendliness of the people and the eternal magic of Delos, one of the most sacred places of Antiquity, have made Mykonos one of the most cosmopolitan holiday resorts of the Mediterranean, if not of the whole world. 

Mykonos covers an area of approximately 85 km and it is situated almost in the middle, between Tinos and Naxos and east of Syros where Ermoupolis, the capital of Cyclades is situated. Mykonos population is 6,500 people but during the summer period the number of tourists visiting the island is double. 

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Mykonos - a visit during our cruise
The Greek island 
of Mykonos as viewed
from our cruise ship.
Windmills on Mykonos
Windmills?  They sure look like windmills but I don't see any sails... This is one of those times a guide would be handy.
pictures of fishing boats
Lots of little boats in this scenic little harbor. I imagine a lot of them are
fishing boats?
narrow street in Mykonos
Some of these streets
were very narrow. I guess
that explains the UPS guy
I saw making deliveries 
on a bicycle with baskets
to hold the packages.


picture of typical street
Typical street scene.
Yes, some of the streets
are wide enough for cars.
photos of quaint little streets in Mykonos Greece
Another plain old
street scene. The closer
you get to the dock area, 
the more people you see. But go wandering and the further you wander the fewer people you run into.
picture of red snapper - lunch at the cafe
Red snapper for lunch.
I had never seen a whole
red snapper before. Interesting.
This was not at our table, but 
at the table next to us.  The waiter
is the one dissecting the snapper.


scary looking food pictures - photo of the teeth of a red snapper.
Jeeze!  Look at
those teeth!  This was a neat
restaurant.  We sat next to a
stone wall about 3 feet high. 
On the other side of the wall
was the ocean.  I could reach
over the wall and dip my fingers
in the ocean while seated. kewl.
pictures of fish eating
Hard to get a picture
of this but when you
throw a piece of bread
into the ocean (while seated at our dinner table), the
water would "boil" with
these little fish attacking
the bread.


shopping for a bathing suit in Mykonos
Kathy shopping for
a bathing suit. We did
a little bit of shopping
in Mykonos.


Lea, the owner of this internet cafe
This is Lea, she owns
this internet cafe. Internet
cafes are really handy if
you are as hooked on the
internet as we are.
internet cafe photos from Mykonos
Kathy and Lea pose
for a photo.

Me online in the internet


Kathy wanted to get a
picture of me in my kewl
new sun glasses I picked
up for about $10.00. LOL
picture of a huge ferry
There are all of these
huge ferry boats all
over the place.