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Pictures of Nagasaki, Japan - Sapphire Princess Cruise Ship -A Passenger Cruise Review

Our visit to Nagasaki prior to boarding the Sapphire Princess for our cruise and review was memorable.

Never thought I would be visiting ground zero in Nagasaki where the 2nd atomic bomb was dropped in world war II, but there we were.

Here is a short history of Nagasaki, the dropping of the atomic bomb, and then on to the photos and our description and review of our visit

Before resuming our passenger cruise review lets learn a little about Nagasaki, where the Atomic bomb was dropped in World War II.  It will make the visit to Nagasaki more interesting

Nagasaki is the capital and the largest city of Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan. It is located on the south-western coast of Kyushu, the southernmost of the four main Japanese islands. It was a center of European influence in medieval Japan from first contact through the isolationist era until the opening of Japan and the resultant modernization of Japan during the Meiji Restoration.

It became a major Imperial Japanese Navy base during the First Sino-Japanese War and Russo-Japanese War and eventually was the second city on which an atomic bomb was dropped by the United States during World War II.

Nagasaki lies at the head of a long bay which forms the best natural harbor on the island of Kyushu. The main commercial and residential area of the city lies on a small plain near the end of the bay. Two rivers divided by a mountain spur form the two main valleys in which the city lies. The heavily built-up area of the city is confined by the terrain to less than 4 square miles.

As of 2004 the population of the city is 447,419 and its size in square kilometers is 338.72 or about 130 sq. mi making it a fairly large city by Japanese standards in relation to its population level.

On 9 August 1945, Nagasaki was the target of the world's second atomic bomb attack at 11:02 a.m., when the north of the city was destroyed and an estimated 75,000 people were killed.

We also found it interesting that the Sapphire Princess was actually coming home to Nagasaki since both the Sapphire and the Diamond were built at the Mitusbishi Shipyard in Nagasaki.

These are random pictures taken of the harbor and street scenes taken from our tour bus on the way to the Memorial Peace Park and the Atomic Bomb Museum.

picture of the port as we arrived aboard the Sapphire Princess
View of our arrival at the port from our balcony aboard the ship
View of the port from our balcony aboard the Sapphire Princess
Picture of the port at Nagasaki Japan

Plenty of boat traffic in the harbor.
ships in the harbor at Nagasaki Japan port of Nagasaki Japan Bridge picture Nagasaki
    We go under an impressive bridge.
Picture taken in Nagasaki from our cruise ship balcony
Picture of the port from the balcony on the Sapphire Princess cruise ship
Picture of port of Nagasaki Japan
Pictures of the port at Nagasaki
Port of Nagasaki
Pictures of cranes in the port

Photo from the balcony of the ship.
Picture of Fireboat in Japan spraying water out all over the place
A fireboat greets us with an impressive display of water works.
pictures of tug boats working
The tug boats maneuver around us.
Tug boat pushing ocean liner
The tug boat gives us a little push.
picture of the Sapphire Princess cruise ship
Get off the boat. OK, the cruise ship
Sapphire cruise review - pictures of the buses that take us from the ship to where our tours go
picture of our buses for our tours of Nagasaki
  . .
pictures of nagasaki from the bus window - Princess Lines Asian cruise
And start taking pictures through the bus window.
Nagasaki, Japan - pictures from our cruise
Photos of Nagasaki from our bus window
picture of Street Scenes Nagasaki Japan
picture of street in Nagaskai
This is the house of an American doctor involved in the aftermath of the bombing.
This is the house of an American doctor involved in the aftermath of the bombing.
Nagasaki Japan photographs of street scenes - little shops and markets
Little shops and markets line the streets.
pictures of the streets of Nagasaki Japan from our tour bus window
pictures of the streets of Nagasaki Japan from our tour bus window
Picture school Nagasaki Japan
Here is some kind of school...looks like maybe a kindergarten.
Photograph Nagasaki Japan
picture of Nagasaki street
Picture Nagasaki Japan
Interesting building
Images Nagasaki Japan If you look closely you can see an archway with only a right side standing.  The left side was blown away by the atomic bomb. Nagasaki
  If you look closely you can see an archway with only a right side standing.  The left side was blown away by the atomic bomb.  
picture of buildings in Nagasaki Images street scene Nagasaki, Japan Picture of street in Nagasaki Japan
Steet in Japan buildings in Nagasaki - Interesting street scenes in Nagasaki Japan
Interesting street scenes in Nagasaki Japan
Photos of buildings on the street in Nagasaki, Japan
Street scenes Nagasaki - interesting building pictures
Interesting buildings.
Street senes in Nagasaki, Japan Pictures of the streets of Nagasaki
Pictures of Japanese school children in Nagasaki Japan Sapphire Princess cruise ship in Nagasaki, Japan
Uniformed school children hanging out or waiting for something.   Look...the ship is visible between those buildings.