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Visiting the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids On Our Celebrity Cruise.

We took the bus excursion to see the great pyramids of Giza, the statue of Ramesses, and the Great Sphinx.

picture of Steps Pyramid at Sakkara from our Celebrity cruise vacation and review

ancient egypt pyramids - picture of the sphinx

Picture of the statue of Ramesses in Egypt

The Steps at Sakkara

The Sphinx

Statue of Ramesses at Memphis

Our Pictures of Ancient Egyptian Pyramids, Sphinx, and more.

Ancient Egypt pyramids, the sphinx, the tombs at Sakkara and the statue of Ramesses at Memphis are some of the most impressive sights we have seen on our travels.

Our visit to the ancient Egypt pyramids was truly unforgettable. Our ship, the Millennium, arrived in the port of Alexandria early in the morning.  As the ship passed through the port we noticed quite a few ship wrecks. (Picture at bottom of page) The port of Alexandria is by far the largest port I've ever seen, it seems to go on for miles in every direction. As our ship pulled into the dock a band was playing for our arrival. Often when we arrived somewhere in Egypt we were greeted with a band playing.

We took the bus excursion to see the great pyramids of Giza.  Our busses were accompanied by a police escort, as all tourist bus trips are.  The bus trip was a couple of  hours.  There were a lot of interesting sights along the way, giant pigeon traps , shades to keep lone animals out of the hot sun, etc. (apparently the Egyptian people like to eat pigeon, check out the picture of the pigeon trap on the next page)

The tomb at Sakkara was simply amazing.  The pictures on the walls of the tombs still had fairly bright colors.  One thing we thought was odd was that people were touching the pictures and carvings.  They won't last long that way!

The parking area where our buses stopped so we could get good view of all the pyramids in the area, was crowded with local Egyptian men offering camel rides, souvenirs etc.  They offer to take your picture and then want money for doing so or even in some cases to give you back your camera!  Be careful! One gentleman offered to take our picture standing alongside a guard.  We said sure and handed him our camera. He snapped a picture and then demanded a dollar for each for him and the guard.  Hey...we were warned.

We felt that we couldn't leave without at least climbing up on a pyramid!  So up we went one at a time so the other could document the momentous occasion.  And it was in our minds a momentous occasion.

The statue of Ramesses was simply enormous.  It had been buried on its side in the sand for thousands of years before being discovered.  One side had been exposed to the elements and is pretty badly worn...but the side that had been buried was in perfect shape. Imagine that...thousands of years half buried, and no one dug him up for all that time.  I thought this was a Celebrity cruise, and here we are in the desert climbing around on pyramids.  Go figure!  More Egyptian Pyramid pictures here.