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Our Cruise Ship Pictues of the Sapphire Princess Cruise to Mexico

Our cruise reviews - Picture of the Sapphire Princess, our real life passenger review and pictures of our cruise to Mexico!

Cruise Review Pictures on a Sapphire Princess Cruise to Mexico.

This is a random collection of photographs I took on our Sapphire Princess cruise to Mexico vacation for use in my Sapphire Princess cruise review.

I always like to include a lot of pictures of our cruise ship activities, ports, destinations and food...

Cruise ship pictures aboard the Sapphire Princess. Dinning area cruise ship Sapphire Princess - buffet pictures
A typical view of the deck near one of the pools aboard our cruise ship the Sapphire Princess. Kind of dark, but this is a shot of the dinning area near the buffet. A shot of the pool and the surrounding area - one of the pools on the Sapphire Princess.
Sapphire Princess cruise ship pictures
A view of the stern of our ship. Jeeze...I always end up having to get dressed up in my Tux. I think the women actually like to get dressed up.
Pool side photo on the cruise ship - waiters performing magic tricks cruise pictures - This bar has wirless access for your laptop cruise ship wedding - there is a bride in this picture aboard the Sapphire Princess
The ships crew routinely has little entrainment shows for the passengers. The waiters perform magic tricks and do juggling acts etc. This bar had wireless access for our laptop, so we often spent time here when we wanted to go online. Although the photo is a little dark, that is a bride in the picture.  A lot of folks seem to get married on cruise ships.
picture of buffet line on the Sapphire Princess cruise ship picture making martinis picture of the cruise ships photo gallery
This is one of the indoor dinning areas near the buffet. This is one of our favorite waiters shaking a martini for Kathy. Here is a shot of the photo gallery on the ship.  The ships photographers run around taking photos all the time.  You go here to see and buy them if you like them.
photo of the photo gallery on the ship. picture - linning up waiting for the dinning room doors to open picture main dinning room Sapphire Princess
Just another picture of the photo gallery. This is where everyone waits for the dinning room to open for the second sitting.  Wait 5 minutes after the room opens if you don't want to wait there. A picture of one of the main dinning rooms.  To big for my flash to work.
pictures - dinning on the Sapphire Princess photos of cigar smoking on the Sapphire Princess - cruise review photos cruise ship bar photo
Here is a photo of our group at dinner.  As a group we had so much fun each night that were were always the last table finished at the 2nd sitting. This I believe is the cigar bar where they have a huge selection of fine cigars. Another bar but I don't know which one it is.
A pirate tour boat chuck full of tourists.
A view from our balcony. A pirate tour boat chuck full of tourists. Our boat is bigger. An indoor pool. I think, but I am not sure, that the roof over this pool could open and close depending on the weather.