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Dalian, China, an interesting unique Travel Destination on our Asian Cruise to the Orient

Dalian was first brought to international attention ass a result of Japan's victory in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95.  Having decisively routed the poorly armed and led troops of the Qing dynasty, Japan demanded economic concessions in Korea, cession of Taiwan, a substantial indemnity and occupation of the Liaodong peninsula, most specifically Lu-Da, of which Dalian was the prize.

Recognizing that Japanese occupation would confound peace efforts in the Far East, six days after the treaty's signature, Imperial Russia, supported by France and Germany, force the Japanese to relinquish possession of the peninsula.

Less than three years following Russia's rebuff of Japan's attempt to possess Dalian and the Liaodong peninsula, the Czar's ministers signed a 25-year lease with the Qing government, granting it not only Dalian but the entire peninsula. It also provided them with the rights to construct a railway from Harbin in central Manchuria to Dalian, thus connecting the port by rail to the Trans Siberian Railroad and European Russia.

The age of industrialization was finally arriving in China and of Manchuria.  Minerals, timber, water and many other natural resources became a prize in Europe's scramble for concessions.  Consequently, the region became dominated by foreign powers interested in developing rail traffic to better exploit their territorial and economic gains.

The Russians immediately began developing Dalian into the great commercial link between the interior of Manchuria and the outside world. Many Russian buildings remain in Dalian today.  In 1904, Imperial Japan, remembering its earlier humiliation at the hands of Czarist Russia, struck back in a bold and decisive manner.  Two days after breaking off negotiations meant to resolve existing disputes, Japanese torpedo boats attacked and destroyed Russia's Pacific Fleet at anchor in Dalian's military base, port Arthur.  The Russo-Japanese War lasted little over a year, with Japan achieving all its earlier aims, including the occupation of Dalian.

The development of Dalian as a port and railway terminus continued under Japanese control from 1904 to 19465.  The port served as a jump-off point for Japan's invasion of Manchuria in 1931. At the conclusion of World War II, Russian troops again occupied Dalian under terms agreed upon at the Yalta Conference of 1945.  The last Russian soldiers left in 1953.

Since that time, Dalian has distinguished itself as China's largest port and link to the natural resources of the country's northeast.  Among some of the sights visitors can see today are the city's former Stalin Square, the local Glassware Factory and the Farmers Market.

We arrived in Dalian in the morning .. it was cloudy but we could see that the sun was there somewhere

sunset in Dalian China on our orient cruise picture of sunset in Dalian sunset in Dalian
Some cool pictures Kathy took of the sun breaking through the clouds.    
port picture
Pictures from our balcony aboard the Sapphire Princess. Pretty normal looking port. The first impressive idea what it is though.
We took a bus tour of Dalian in the morning... these are pictures from our bus window for the most part.
pictures of Dalian China Photographs of Dalian China Dalian China
It seems as though there are a whole lot of very big buildings everywhere we go in the Orient.    
Street scene Dalian China Photo of Dalian Photo of Dalian China
Lots of very wide streets as well.    
Photographs of Dalian China Dalian Dalian  China
  Yep UPS is everywhere  
Dalian China - Sapphire Princess cruise Pictures of China - Dalian China pictures - Dalian
Images of Dalian China Photograph of Dalian China China pictures Dalian
Dalian Photo of Dalian Dalian
Then we arrived at the "Farmers Market .. only in this case we were in the fish section and it was smelly and slimy .. and well I was glad to leave there. (Kathy's words...I thought it was cool though.)
pictures of market in Dalian
Capitalism lives!    
Pictures of fish market in Dalian China Photos of fish market in Dalian China Photographs of fish market in Dalian China
Piles of shells. Stacks of fish.  
Fish market pictures Fish market Dalian Fish market Dalian China
I wonder what happens to the fish they don't manage to sell? Is that guy actually eating something...the smell was not conducive. One word...yuck!.
Dalian China Fish Market Photos Pictures of apartments in Dalian China
Looks like perch to me. Finally outside again...fresh air! Looks like apartment living is the way to go around here.
Then we set off again through the beautiful city of Dalian
picture of park in Dalian China Picture of chinese wall mart
We saw quite a few park type areas. And yes...this is a wall mart.  
street scene Dalian pictures of trees on the streets of Dalian
Fairly busy streets. Quite a few trees on the streets of Dalian. I don't know what this building was, but it was neat.
Picture of McDonald's in Dalian China kite venders in Dalian China
Oh wait!  McDonalds restaurant. LOL We stopped at the Peoples square for a brief break. Lots of Kite venders trying to sell us kites.
picture of kites photos of street vendors in China park in Dalian China
They were beautiful but not a good size to pack!!! How do they know where we are going to stop? Another view of the park.
pictures of interesting street lights picture of chinese public bathroom stall in Dalian
  These street lights were everywhere .. they were to represent the acacia .. the official flower of Dalian Bill needed to use the restroom .. thankfully I did not !!!!

Could be worse...there is a roll of toilet paper.

Typical street scene. And another.  
Not all areas are quite so modern. Here is Luke one of our tour guides.. a real cutie.  The guides were English majors in school who were practicing their English. This was a really cool looking building in Dalian.
Then .. one of the highlights of the day .. we visited a Kindergarten school in Dalian.  This I believe was a private school, one of the better and more expensive ones.  They said the children begin to learn English at the age of 3.
Picture of chinese school in Dalian school pictures Dalian China
picture of school children in Dalian China Pictures of School children in Dalian China
They were so happy to see us, or at least seemed so.   This was the sandbox .. pretty nice.
Chinese school children kingarten with zoo pictures of Dalian
  This Kindergarten had it's own zoo !!! Birds
Peacocks Pheasants
Peacocks More birds Pheasants
Chickens Rabbits - Chinese Zoo pictures Monkeys
Chickens Rabbits Monkeys
Playground school children singing and dancing
Goats Playground The school put on a few skits for us with dancing and singing.
pictures of chinese school children Pictures of a chinese school and children in Dalian China. Photographs of chinese school children
The MC's were adorable   They certainly were happy little kids.
school children in china pictures Dalian school children photos
  Claudia .. check out this teachers hair .. and she is Chinese :)  
Remember he is in Kindergarten and he was good !!!   Enlarge this Picture and check out the second from the right with the white beard and eyebrows !!!
pictures of chinese school children.
School children
school children pictures photographs of school children
Now it is off to the other highlight of the tour .. a visit to a Chinese family in their home.
pictures of street vendors in Dalian China Street vendors china pictures chinese street vendors
A number of individuals were marketing their wares on the sidewalks. Looked like piles of some kind of shells Vegetables and herbs etc.
pictures of street vendors in China Pictures of chinese family home chinese families home pictures
Lots of corn-on-the-cob for sale on the sidewalks. We are entering the Chinese families home...not much to look at from the outside... Inside it was quite nice...very neat and very clean.
photos of chinese home chinese family home pictures
  This was our interpreter  
Pictures of home owner and interpeter
  This was our Hostess with the interpreter.  
This house was Immaculate !! Us with the Interpreter and the Hostess  
Typical Chinese Family Home Typical family - pictures dalian china photos of typical chinese family home - Dalian
    The house was tiny but she used every inch of it
pictures of typical chinese family home in Dalian China Chinese home
Photograph Chinese home
The ceiling was decorated.    
Now we are off to the Friendship Store .. You learn fast that the Friendship Stores are the expensive places to shop in China.  They sell all kinds of stuff from clothing to drugs...lots of tea.
Shopping in Dalian China - Friendship store Pictures of shopping in Dalian China
Pictures chinese jasmine flower tea picture of shopping for chinese tea Picture chinese tea pots
Jasmine Flower Tea    
Pictures of serving samples of tea at a department store in Dalian China picture of replica of ming dynasty ship
  As you can see .. all the tour companies took people to the Friendship Stores This is a replica of a Ming Dynasty ship
In the middle of this round-about there was a statue of a Chinese junk.    
picture of chinese public toilet    
A better shot of the toilet...don't know how it got down here.