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Carnival Cruise Reviews - Kathy's Blog About Our Discount Cruise

Kathy's cruise review of our carnival cruise aboard the Spirit on our cruise to Mexico, Alcapulco, and Zihuatanejo

Sail away and First Sea Day

Internet connections - crucial for our carnival cruise reviews.

Speaking of which, we have cabin 6260 which is the Port Aft Wrap and we were told that we would not get wi-fi access here.  Apparently they don't know that in fact the access here is much faster than we found on decks 2,3 or 9, which is where we were told access would be.  They do sell internet packages, and I post those prices as soon as I remember to write them down.

Carnival Spirit Has High speed Muster drill

We are all safely aboard, and apparently instructed in all we need to know in an emergency in the fastest lifeboat drill known to man and we are ready to Party!

Our group for Cruise Critic friends, the majority having sailed together last year, met up with many more of our Roll Call at the aft bar. We partied for an hour or so and got acquainted with the ones who didn't sail last year and although there was an exchange of information regarding what we had all individually experienced at embarkation, there was no real complaining or wringing of hands, we were all to happy to be on a cruise.

About this time, someone casually said "Did you have anything booked independently that you will need to change because of the itinerary change?"  Ummmmmmmm, excuse me what change??  Apparently at embarkation some people were informed that the itinerary had changed and some of us were not.  Oh well, I thought, something will be waiting for us in the cabin I am sure. Don't they know we write carnival cruise reviews? Well, I guess they did inform us, if you looked at the shore excursion booking form in the cabin it did reflect that we would be in Manzanillo on Thursday, Acapulco on Friday and Zihuatanejo in Saturday.  I was able to get a fishing trip in Manzanillo rescheduled so no problem, right ?  Well sort of, turns out the Halloween party, for which some of us had made some elaborate costume plans, may be held at 11:00PM after we sail from Acapulco.  I confess I have not had time to get a confirmation on this one yet. 

After some re-arranging ( thank you Stacey) we did get three tables assigned together in the dining room.  Most of us were very tired by then, remember it had been a long day and not many of us stayed up much longer that night.

Our first day at sea on board the Spirit!

On to the first sea day!  We woke up to lovely warm mostly sunny skies on our trek southward, and there is that silly smile again.  You guessed it, I am on a cruise!  Bill and I sampled some breakfast at the buffet, but when we got there the omelet stations were swamped so that will have to wait for another day so I ate lightly and went in search of the rest of the family to be sure all was well.  We pretty much spent a leisurely day with not agenda other than a Meet and Greet at Club Cool.

Even more of us attended this meet and greet and we had a great time getting re-acquainted and getting to know the new people.  A few drinks, a lot of laughs and a few surprises.  This was a very nice function and it was lovely of John Heald to arrange for us to have a place for it when we did not seem to get a response from Carnival.

This was the first Cruise Elegant evening and you know how much primping that can take. Tonight was also the Captains cocktail party, but the majority of us elected to forgo that in favor of drinks in the Lobby Bar.  If you have ever been to the Captain's cocktail party you probably know there is little to write about for our carnival cruise reviews.

The Lobster that we had for dinner tonight was among the best I have ever had on a cruise ship and the prime rib looked very good too.  Of course it was about this point that Bill's batteries gave out so we didn't get pictures of it, but I suspect with the number of camera's in our group we will have some to post. That's about it for my carnival cruise reviews for the moment.  Off to see what is brewing today .. more later.