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Cruise Ship Pictures From Our Cruise Review of the Oosterdam

Our cruise ship Pictures from our vacation aboard the Oosterdam's Baltic sailing - a review of the HAL Oosterdam

Cruise lines review of our vacation on the HAL Oosterdam European cruise.

Pictures of and on the Oosterdam - HAL lines

A collection of cruise ship pictures we've taken of and on the Oosterdam. Some have descriptions but many do not.  Just don't have time at the moment but in the future we will try to put in more descriptions. These are in random order... we will also straighten that out in the near future.


Oosterdam cruise ship pictures - photos of french toast and bacon for breakfast
Breakfast from the
breakfast buffet...I opted for French toast and bacon.
picture of omlete from the Oosterdam's omelet bar for breakfast
Kathy had an omelet from the omelet bar...ham cheese and peppers I believe. 
Oosterdam in Arhus picture
Oosterdam in Arhus a contrast between the old and the new.


photo of the HAL Oosterdam in dock
The Oosterdam as seen from the dock.  

Another view from the docks.
cruise food picture - jelly donuts
Buffet after Berlin trip, kind of a strange assortment... these are jelly filled donuts.


food buffet picture - scolloped potatoes
Same are potatoes...scalloped I believe.
picture of sausage at the cruise buffet line
More of the Buffet.. several kinds of sausages.
pictures of people having fun on a cruise ship
Happy Wendy & Cat... couple of wild and crazy chicks from the looks of it.


Rolls, potatoes, and sauerkraut. 

Ice sculpture being carved ... this turns out to be an elephant.

Another buffet... this is the bread area.


Oosterdam - pictures beer drinking contest
Beer drinking contest...just after the bratwurst eating contest.
picture of the photo gallery on the Oosterdam
The ships photo gallery where you can purchase your daily photographs .
dinning room picture 
Dinning room.


photograph of the Oosterdam dinning room 
Dining room.

Dino and Kathy... Dino was a real character.  
Cigar smoking on the Oosterdam
Kathy having cigar ceremony. The waitress is preparing the cigar with brandy.


picture cigar Oosterdam HAL
Another shot of Kathy and the cigar ceremony.

Kathy with Whitney . the lead singer.  We were very impressed  with Whitney's singing talent!
picture - gathering for  a shore excursion
Gathering for a shore excursion.


shore excursion to Berlin
Our excursion today was to Berlin.

Ship in Warnemunde as seen from the dock.
picture cruise ship bathroom - Oosterdam
The bathroom in our cabin...big enough for a cocktail party...but then we had a handicapped friendly cabin.  We really lucked out getting this cabin.


photo shower cruise ship 
Shower in our cabin...complete with fold down chair.
Oosterdam cruise ship cabin photo
A view of our Cabin on the HAL Oosterdam
oosterdam cabin picture - closet 
Plenty of closet space in this cabin!


Another shot of our cabin on the Oosterdam cruise.
cabin pictures - hal lines Oosterdam
It was a very nice room.
Oosterdam pictures - bed in cabin
Picture of the bed in our cabin


cruise ship cabin balcony and room photo
A shot of our cabin taken from our balcony.
picture of balcony on cruise ship Oosterdam
View of our balcony. We love having a balacony.


From the ship.
picture of a long cruise ship hallway
Long hallways are a part of cruise ship life I am afraid. Oosterdam HAL lines.
elevator lobby Oosterdam
An elevator area... there are so many elevators on these cruise ships that I can't ever figure out which ones go where.


picture cruise ship art - Oosterdam
Some of the art work.
Picture of the Java center on the Oosterdam... get just about any kind of coffe drink here
The Java center...but you have to pay for the coffee here. Huge selection of coffee drinks to choose from.
pictures of cruise ship elevators
Elevators somewhere... it will take a few days for me to figure out where I am at any given time.  LOL


picture explorer lounge oosterdam
The explorer lounge on the cruise ship Oosterdam.
picture Ocean Bar Oosterdam
The Ocean Bar...where we did most of our web uploading via wireless.
photo of the Oosterdam internet center
The Internet Center...we never used it since we had wireless on decks 1,2,&3, and a data port in our room.


photos Oosterdam lifeboat drill
Lifeboat drill. Every cruise ship has to put us through this on every cruise.
picture life boat drill cruise ship
Lifeboat drill. I am not fond of life boat drills.
pictures of lifeboat drill on the oosterdam cruise ship
Kathy in lifejacket...  Lovely.
oosterdam ship pictures
The ship.
picture sail away party Oosterdam baltic cruise
Sailaway buffet.

New Friends.


New friends.

Bill and Kathy at Sailaway party.

A portion of the Lido buffet.


food pictures - photos of the lido deck buffet on the Oosterdam
More of the Lido buffet.
ODSCF0095.JPG (129405 bytes)
Kathy enjoying a drink


Lido deck swimming pool photos
Swimming pool lido deck.
LIdo deck pool pictures cruise ship
Oosterdam's Pool on the Lido Deck.

Kathy and Suhedi  our room steward... very friendly and very attentive to our requests.


Picture of the Internet Lounge
Picture of the Internet Lounge.
picture sail away party
Kathy at sail away party as we leave port for our next destination.
photos of the Vista Lounge on the Oosterdam before an excursion.
The Vista lounge - meeting for excursion.


Picture of the Dining room
Picture of the Dining room.
Oosterdam casino picture - gambling on a cruise ship
I got a few pictures of the Casino before I saw the sign saying no photography in the Casino.
cruise ship casino pictures - HAL Oosterdam
More of the Casino.


picture of a wooden elephant
Artwork - cute wooden elephant.
people having fun on a cruise
Is Kathy having fun?
food picture - elaborate shrimp coctail dinning room Oosterdam
Shrimp Cocktail at dinner...fancy display.  It tasted as good as it looked.


Dining room photos from our cruise vacation to the Baltic.
Dining room photos from our cruise vacation to the Baltic.

Photographing the photographer...surprised him a little.

Cherie and El in evening clothes.


Bill and Kathy in evening clothes.
The Piano Bar on the Oosterdam cruise
The Piano Bar on the Oosterdam cruise

Kathy and Dino .


Dinners served in Lido buffet
Dinners served in Lido buffet.
Another picture of a dinner served in Lido.
Another picture of a dinner served in Lido.
Pizza at the pizza bar.
Pizza at the pizza bar.


Picture of the aft lido deck. It was disserted at the time of the photo...but not later.
Impressive photo of the Oosterdam from the dock .
Impressive photo of the Oosterdam from the dock .
Picture of the Oosterdam taken from the dock.
Picture of the Oosterdam taken from the dock.


We find our stateroom ..
Front view of Oosterdam. some call it the bow I guess.
Front view of Oosterdam. some call it the bow I guess.

Kathy taking movies.


From the Dock.
The penguins at the Lido Pool.
The penguins at the Lido Pool.
Bill at sailaway in Oslo.


Kathy at sailaway in Oslo.
The band on the lido deck of the cruise ship Oosterdam on our Baltic cruise vacation.
The band on the lido deck of the cruise ship Oosterdam on our Baltic cruise vacation.

The band on the lido deck. They were very good and we really enjoyed listening to them.


Bill and Kathy - are they on the same vacation ???

Bill at sailaway.
They close one side of the buffet early for the crew.
They close one side of the buffet early for the crew.


picture library cruise ship Oosterdam
In the Library.

More of the Library.

Where in the world am I ?