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Pictures of Shopping in Beijing China on our Oriental Cruise

Shopping Pictures in Beijing China

Our first night in Beijing, we went across the street from our hotel to do a little shopping and sightseeing.  The streets are so big that overhead walkways are provided so one can actually get across the street.

Kathy had not brought a warm coat to wear on our cruise ship vacation, a mistake, and she wanted to go buy one since we would be visiting the Great Wall of China the next day, and it is a pretty chili place.

We also needed batteries for the camera. Ordinary alkaline batteries would only last for one or two pictures if any.  I found the Lithium batteries seemed to work the best, but try finding lithium batteries in China. Good Luck.  We found some rechargeable  batteries and a charger, but they didn't work worth crap either.  

After a short walk we came to a mall of some sort. It was right next to McDonalds. I eventually went in to McDonalds and bought an order of fries to see if they were the same as we get back home.  They were. LOL

It was so different than what I am used to here in the states, that I just began shooting pictures. As you can see, they seem to sell just about anything you can imagine.  Much of the shopping seems to be done in small shops squeezed together very tightly.  They seem to have zillions of shops selling the exact same thing row after row.  I don't see how they earn a living.

Other areas are modern department store type malls with again millions of shops selling identical items. 

Claudia, if you read this...Kathy wanted me to be sure to get pictures of all the boots for sale, so as you can see, I shot lots and lots of pictures of boots. :)


Picture of chinese shopping mall pictures of stores in Beijing China Pictures of glassware in a shop
paper lanterns The mall in Beijing
pictures of shopping pictures of clothing stores in China Pictures of clothing shops
Kathy buying coats in Beijing Kathy shopping for coats in China Photos of Kathy shopping in Beijing
Kathy is starting to look for a coat. Most seemed a bit small.  
photograph of shopping in China
Shopping pictures
Finally, we find a warm coat that fits.   We had to try on a few other things as well.
Pictures of Jade in Chinese shop
Kathy shopping for chinese braclets
pictures of department store china
Kathy purchases some trinket...I think some bracelets for the girls.    
pictures of department stores Pictures of department store in Beijing Photos of department store in China
Photograph Chinese store
chinese department store
photos chinese store
  Shoes Cigarette lighters!
clothing store
pictures of shops in China
pictures of boots boots and shoes
photos of boots
pictures of boots
calculators, cell phones, cameras. Lots and lots of them.    
sports equipment
    sports equipment