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Cruise Critics Meet N Greet Party and Other Cruise Pictures from the Oosterdam

This cruise review starts before the cruise begins with a pre-cruise party by a number of friends who meet regularly in the Cruise Critics forums and message boards.

This cruise review starts before the cruise begins with a pre-cruise party by a number of friends who meet regularly in the Cruise Critics forums and message boards.

After spending so much time in the cruise critics forums, everybody felt like they were old friends meeting for the first time. It was great. Every time there was a shore excursion or some other activities there were always at least another few couples doing the same thing. It made for a whole lot of fun.

So without further ado, here are a bunch of pictures of the activities, friends, and nonsense that we experienced aboard HAL's Oosterdam cruise to the Mexican Riviera with our cruise critic friends.

pictures of the Cruise Critics forum get together before the cruise pictures cruise critic pre cruise get together Cruise reveiw Oosterdam - pictures of a cruise critics party before embarking
Cruise Critic friends Meet for drinks in San Diego Pre cruise party for cruise critic forum members. Every body at the cruise critics gathering had a great time. Kathy and new friend :)
picture of the Oosterdam cruise critic meet and greet party Oosterdam Cruise Review - Cruise Critics Meet N Greet pictures
Cruise Critics Meet & Greet party pictures. Cruise Critic Meet & Greet party pics Patti .. looks just
 like our DIL
She looks so much like our daugher in law that I keep wanting to call her Claudia.
pics of cruise ship passengers fun on a cruise ship friends having fun
Don & Jan Mor party pictures Friends having fun Kathy is really enjoying herself.



Oosterdam photos
Kathy having a great time on the Oosterdam cruise to the Mexican Riviera. Bill & Kathy looking good on one of the Oosterdam formal nights. Cruise pictures. Pictures of friends most of whom met through cruise critics. Kathy with Tom
and Nancy

Kathy really likes this little guy... I think it is an aardvark or something. One of those folded towel animals we keep finding on our cruises.

Dining in the ships dining room with our friends. Great wait staff too.

Oosterdam deck photos. That's Kathy down there unsuspecting I am taking her photo.

Kathy enjoying a dip in the hot tub on the Oosterdam.
spa or hot tub pictures cruise ship HAL lines Oosterdam
Nothing quite as relaxing as a hot tub full of bubbles as the ship gently sways back and fro.
Kathy showing off her bathing suit perhaps.

Cruise ship passenger Kathy having a drink of the day.
cruise ship hot tub or spa fotos photos hot tub oosterdam cruise ship
Gotta love the Hot tubs - we both get in this time. Ahh yes. This is the life. Nothing like a cruise to make you forget all those problems. Formal night photos on the Oosterdam cruise to the Mexican Riviera Tuxes and formal gowns are the rule.
Kathy & Nancy before dinner in the ships dinning room.


Kathy and nancy ham it up in the dinning room. Nancy and Tom. A really great couple we ate with each evening at late sitting dinner. Joan and Walter. Another great couple. we all had a blast every night at dinner.
pictures of lobster tails served in the Oosterdam dinning room
Food Pictures! Surf & Surf :) It tasted every bit as good as it looked too! Mabel & Kathy We really liked Mabel. Kathy and Bill. Kathy really likes Bill a lot. And Bill likes Kathy too. Kathy the Chef! So Bill is not the only one who can act goofy.
Kathy has a mango Mojito.

Claudis .. It's a Mango
Mojito .. just for you :)

She appears to like it. We will give it a good review! Isn't Bill Silly - give him a hat or any other toy and he just might get a bit goofy. Dinner in the main dinning room.
pictures cruise critic friends - cruise review Oosterdam cruise food picture - fine dinning on the Oosterdam
Kathy and the other passengers hamming it up with the wait staff at dinner. Ship dinning room photos of fellow cruise critic enthusiasts. Pictures from in the Oosterdam dinning room. Cruise Ship Food Picture. Don't have a clue as to what it is.
Cruise ship food picture - fine dinning in the dinning room
Judging by how rare this meat looks I would say it was something Kathy ordered. She likes it bloody. More pictures of the wait staff and the passengers dancing and partying.  That is a light stick Kahty has.   Everyone got one of those light sticks that you break and they make light. Odd but fun I suppose.
pictures Oosterdam dinning room waiters dancing
Everybody seems to be having so much fun. The traditional waiters dance on the last night at dinner. Maybe he is right
I had tooo much fun