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Cruise Critics - Sail Away Party Aboard the Caribbean Princess- Buccaneer Style

Traditionally as a cruise ship leaves port, there is a party known as the "Sail Away" party.  This time however, our little Cruise Critic group of 72 passengers decided to have a get together as the ship left port.  So we had our own Buccaneer Sail Away party at a pool area and bar right at the back end (ok, the stern or aft) end of the boat.

These Cruise Critics really know how to have fun

Now I am not sure how it came about, but there were a couple of blow-up dolls aboard, and rumor has it that they were brought along because there were a few single people among our group, and no one wanted anyone to be lonesome on the cruise...

The female doll's name was Francesca and the boy doll's name was Ricky.  No I do not know who named them.  Dave the diver seemed quite interested in Francesca...

Not all of the group showed up, and those who did were not all there at once, and needless to say, we were not there the whole time, so don't expect to see photos of everything and everybody at every function. :)

Since we had had dinner the night before with Steve, and Beth, and Judy, and Roger, after which we stopped by the Comfort Inn in Ft. Lauderdale and met a large number of them, we were already acquainted with quite a few of the 72 members of the Cruise Critic group.

The party was great, the pirate hat Kathy bought in Ft. Lauderdale was a hit... Francesca especially liked it, so Kathy gave it to her as a sail-away present.

We all had a great time and are looking forward to a great cruise.

Port Everglades, Florida  from the deck of the Caribbean Princess Pasenger cruise review - Picture Port Everglades Florida Photo Port Everglades Florida cruise ship picture Port Everglades Florida cruise ship picture Caribbean Princess
Pictures of Port
Everglades from the deck of the Caribbean Princess
Pictures of Ft. Lauderdale as we leave port on the Princess. Pictures from the cruise ship.    
picture of Caribbean Princess docked at Port Everglades Florida Caribbean Princess life boat drill photo Picture life boat drill Caribbean Princess picture sail away party Caribbean Princess pictue kathy the pirate at sailaway party Caribbean Princess
Docked at Port Everglades Florida Life boat drill. This is one of my least favorite activities. The Caribbean Princess makes it pretty quick and
Sail away party with our cruise critic gathering. Kathy in her new
hat. Nice lookin Pirate if ya ask me .
picture of cruise critic gathering aboard the Caribbean Princess Kathy the Pirate Queen on the Caribbean Princess photograph cruise critic sailaway party Caribbean Princess picture of another boat Caribbean Princess photo
Since most everyone had been chatting at the cruise critic site, we all felt like we knew each other already. Fun! Pictures from our passenger cruise review of the Caribbean Princess Party photos of the cruise critic group    
Cruise Critic Sail Away party aboard the Caribbean Princess photograph cruise critic sail away party Caribbean Princess Sail Away Party Caribbean Princess Cruise Critic Photo Caribbean Princess picture sailaway party cruise critic gathering
    Here is Ricky the blow up doll. And here is... Francesca!!!
sail away party sail away party jpg picture bar caribbean princess sail away party caribbean princess blow up doll party caribbean princess
I think that everyone had a great time at this sail-away party.   Picture of a bar on the Caribbean Princess.   Francesca is at the bar!