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Cruise ship reviews of our vacation on the HAL Oosterdam begins in London

London - Pictures of our travel experiences as we make our way to the cruise ship Oosterdam

We arrived in London around 9:00 a.m., and since our room would not be ready until 2:00 p.m., we decided to explore the area. Won't have much time in London before it's off to the Oosterdam for our cruise. We wanted to get as much in as we could.

We stopped at a small cafe with outdoor tables. We discovered some really good coffee. 

We found China town, read menus at the pubs, checked out the window displays in the shops, found Piccadilly circus, Carnaby Street, and just had a jolly good time.

We took a tour on one of the "The Big Bus Tour" tour busses which included a boat tour up the Thames. You can get off the bus anytime, and board another whenever you wish by just showing your pass. 

The tour lasted two and a half hours and was well worthwhile. The tour guide described everything along the way.

After the tour we visited Harrods, the famous department store, which was HUGE! We also took a ride on the "London Eye", a 450 foot tall Ferris wheel. It was the most amazing Ferris wheel I've ever seen...20 people to a pod which was transparent...incredible!

We also visited Westminster Abby, Buckingham palace, rode the underground, (subway), and, of course, we visited the "Tower".

typical street scene
The front of our hotel. 

Kathy on her first stroll in England.
garbage truck
While we were having our morning coffee a garbage truck parked across the street.



Moments later a street sweeper pulled up and parked next to the garbage truck. 
Kathy was having a good time. 


Picture London England
I was snapping photos as we walked.
London street scene early Sunday Morning
It was early Sunday morning in London England so I took a picture.
London England china town picture
We stumbled upon China Town, and I took another picture!
street picture London
After a while more people began to appear.


Huge ornate buildings London
The buildings are huge and ornate. Very impressive.
photo of a neat sculpture
We spotted this neat sculpture way high up.

A closer look at this nifty sculpture on the top of the building.


pictures double decker sight seeing buses london
Those neat double decker sight seeing buses.
pictures buildings sculptures London
More sculptures on buildings.
picture of Shakespear's Head... a pub
We noticed a pub called "Shakespeare's Head". I guess that's him leaning out the window.


London streets - photo of a street in London England
I like the telephone booths, the red box on the left. Nice street scene of a London Street... I think.
picture of Starbucks in London
There were Starbucks and McDonalds everywhere.
picture of kathy having a pint in a pub
We stopped for a "pint" in one of pubs. 



picture taken in Trafalgar Square and the St. Martins church
This is Trafalgar Square and the church is St. Martins.
picture original Hard Rock Cafe in London England
This is the 1st and original Hard Rock Cafe.
picture of the Traitors Gate enterance to theTower
The "Traitors Gate" entrance to the Tower of London


picture of the Tower of London
The Tower tower of London.
Tower of London - pictures of the moat
The moat around the Tower.
St Pauls
St. Pauls.


The London Eye, a 450 foot tall Ferris wheel.
Airial picture of the Parlament building in London taken from the top of the London Eye
Parliament building as seen from the top of the London Eye.
Picture changing of the guard in the "Tower"
Changing of the guard in the Tower.


picture of our neighboring pod at the top of the London eye
The next pod as we reach the top.
picture of the famous "Westminister Abby"
Picture of Westminster Abby.
picture Tower of London - this is a photo of the restored Coronation Chair
Restored Coronation Chair in the Tower of London