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Our Cruises, a Passenger Review of the Crown Odyssey with Pictures of Istanbul.

On our visit to Istanbul we got to see the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, the Spice Market, and our favorite, the Taksim.

Our Istanbul pictures remind us that Istanbul is full of great places to see and things to do. 

Our Istanbul pictures remind us that Istanbul is full of great places to see and things to do. The Grand bazaar, the blue mosque,  Everyone should have a chance to shop at the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market.  We especially liked the Taksim.  You really get the flavor visiting the shops along the side streets and alleys along the Taksim. 

In Istanbul There are museums, ancient churches, palaces great mosques, bazaars and the Bosporus. However long you stay, just a few days or longer, your time will be wonderfully filled in this unforgettable city rich in culture and history.

The Blue Mosque, a must see,  is such a popular tourist sight that entry is strictly controlled to preserve its sacred atmosphere. Only worshippers can enter through the main door; tourists must use the north door and are not admitted at prayer time.

Another "must see" is the Grand Bazaar. It has been a shopper's Mecca since just after the mid-15th century, when the smallish warehouse was turned into a teeming bazaar by a constant stream of traders, selling everything from carpets to cumin. Thousands of tiny shops selling everything from Turkish daggers to Turkish delight... a candy made with pistachio nuts.

Tourist shops selling glittery trinkets line the main streets, but delve into the back streets and you'll still find women buying a few yards of cloth, , a gold-plated 'eye' to ward off evil or an antique carpet. It is still possible to buy precious gems, old coins and intricately crafted jewelry on Jewelers St. 

The Grand Bazaar is also renowned for offering basement-bargain deals on fur and leather goods, and a wide range of handcrafted goodies.

We purchased clothing and luggage at the Grand Bazaar along with souvenirs for our family and friends, and had a great time doing it.  Kathy as it turns out is great at bartering.  

picture to the entrance to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul Turkey
This is the entrance
to the Grand Bazaar
picture of the crowds inside the Grand Bazaar
Inside the Grand Bazaar - Pictures of crowds
Kathy shops the Grand Bazaar for levis
Kathy shopping for levis.
picture of Kathy shopping for shoes near the grand bazaar
Kathy buying some shoes at the Grand Bazaar. This is out on a side street and down in a basement.
shopping for underwear
Shopping for under ware... the airlines lost her luggage that had her under ware in it.
pictures of hooka smoking in Istanbul on our Crown Odyssey Cruise Vacation
Smoking a tobacco...honest!  Hookahs were provided for a small charge at our hotel.
The apple tabaco in the Hookas was excellent
Kathy enjoys smoking a hookah as well!

Buying glasses for dad.
picture of buy lace in Turkey
Buying lace for her 
pictures of shops in the Grand Bazaar
Pretty stuff
photos of kathy buying a chess set at a shop
Buying a chess set 
for son Chris
picture just outside the spice market in Istanbul
Plenty of pigeons 
just outside the spice 

Ever heard of the
Orient Express?
This is the Station
at the end of the line!

Kathy at the spice market.
pictures of spices in the spice market
Spices at the spice 
picture of the Taksim in Istanbul pictures of shops on the taksim pictures of McDonalds in Istanbul
Taksim - Lots of people Eggs?  Coke?   Why is Kathy smiling?
food pictures in the Taksim district in Istanbul pictures food istanbul food pictures in the windows of the shops
Food displayed in the shop windows The food in the windows 
always looks so good.
More food photos
pictures of flowers heavy traffic in istanbul vegitables on display
Flowers The traffic can 
be a bit intimidating.  
Vegetables to look at
Fish displayed in shop windows
  Fish being displayed pictures of veggies