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Our Celebrity Passenger Cruise Review - Pictures of the Ancient Roman Coliseum

Pictures of the ancient Roman Coliseum from our Cruise ship vacation with reviews of our Celebrity cruise

Pictures of Ancient Rome - The Coliseum

This is our collection of our pictures of Rome and the Coliseum that we took while on our Celebrity cruise ship vacation aboard the Millennium. Actually we didn't see much that looked like "ancient Rome", most of it looked pretty new.  The coliseum however, does qualify as "ancient".  Maybe the Trevi Fountain too.  Lots of material for our Celebrity passenger  cruise reviews of the Millennium.

Our cruise ship docked at the port of Civitavecchia which is the port that cruise ships use when visiting Rome.  Apparently it's inland and doesn't have a port.  We took a bus from the port city of Civitavecchia to the ancient historic Italian city. 

The bus ride from the port is about 45 minutes as I recall. We had decided we should take one of the cruise ship excursions. We only had one day to see the Vatican museum, Saint Peter's Basilica, Saint Peter's Square, the coliseum, and any other significant sights. The bus trip wasn't all that far but the traffic was horrendous. 

Vatican City Museum, the Sistine Chapel, and the Coliseum

We first visited the Vatican City, it's museum, and the Sistine Chapel, and then back on the bus to visit the coliseum.

After seeing movies such as "Ben Hur" and "The Gladiator", it was quite a thrill to actually be there and see it for myself.  I think that one of the coolest parts was the maize of tunnels and rooms underneath the ground floor.  

Apparently they really did have trap doors under the sand on the ground level that could be opened up to let lions and tigers out to attack the gladiators.

I have to hand it to Celebrity Cruise Lines, this is turning out to be a really great trip. We love the Millennium too! This will be a very positive passenger cruise review, at least for these two passengers.

I wish I could remember the name of and the details about that huge arch just outside the stadium. I should really try to pay more attention to these places we visit... I usually rely on my wife Kathy to remember the details. She's good at that, but where is she when I build web sites?  

pictures ancient rome - the coliseum pics of the roman coliseum from our Celebrity cruise vacation Posing for pictures with Gladiators at the Coliseum
Kathy taking a video just outside the coliseum. I wonder what ever happened to all those videos we made?  The coliseum is absolutely huge!  It looked to me to be every
bit a big as a modern football stadium.


And of course, me, inside.  I think I would have made a great gladiator. On the other hand, I doubt I would want to be a gladiator. For about $10.00 you can have your picture taken with fake gladiators at the stadium - this female gladiator  wanted my husband Bill so I borrowed his dagger and was able to dissuade her :)...Kathy.
pictures of ancient Rome coliseum pics - Millennium - Celebrity cruise lines Roman Coliseum Photos
That's me standing in front of some big arch just outside the stadium. I can't remember the name of the arch...jeeze.


Just another photo inside. Man this place is big! See all those holes in the walls? That's because
when it was built the wall were all
marble.  The marble was a facade
and those holes were where the marble facade was anchored.


And another shot from near the floor looking up. It kinda gave me the
chills to stand there looking up at the upper levels as, no doubt, thousands of human beings may have looked up
at the same spot only minutes away 
from a cruel death.
picture of the roman coliseum showing the arena floor and below ground where the cages for the ainmals, prisoners, and slaves were. pics of the Roman Coliseum  Roman coliseum pictures - Celebrity cruise pics
This shot shows the arena floor level near the center, and above where the seats were, and below ground level where the cages for the animals and prisoners and slaves etc. were kept. 


This photo is taken from ground level at the lower under ground levels. Kathy taking some video footage from inside.
Picture of the normally hidden part of the coliseum where the wild animals, man eating tigers, and slaves were kept
A final parting photograph of one of the most magnificent ruins I've ever seen.  Thank you Celebrity cruises!