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Ruins at ancient Ephesus

Ruins at ancient Ephesus

Well...I needed batteries for my camera...thank goodness...a little tourist stand at the entrance to the Ephesus ruins.  I buy a package of batteries and off we go with the tour guide telling us we didn't have enough time so we have to keep up.

Then I try to take a picture of something and nothing....  I check the package...the batteries are about 8 years past the expiration date. Jeeze.  So I was able to get about one picture and then I would have to wait about 10 minutes...then I could take another picture etc.

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Our pictues of ancient ephesus - ad for brothel This is the amphitheater where the Apostle Paul was shouted down when he tried to speak to the people... picture of the cathedral athena in Ephesus
This is an advertisement showing
the way to the brothel.
The amphitheater where the
Apostle Paul was shouted down
when he tried to speak to the 
The cathedral to Athena
Chariot grooves - pictures of ancient Ephesus ruins at Ephesus - photos of the ruins pictures of the avenue where Mark Anthonly and Cleopatra once walked as turists
Grooves worn into the street by
chariot wheels.
Cleopatra and Mark Anthony are
among the tourists that have walked this avenue.
photos of an ancient stadium picture of the library at Ephesus where at one time 99 percent of all the worlds knowledge existed within it's walls picture of the ancient ruins of the library at Ephesus
The stadium. This library at one time had
99% of all the worlds knowledge within its walls.
There was a secret tunnel
that led from the library to
the local brothel..."Honey, I'm going to the library".  Yeah right!
picture ancient roman toilet with about 20 openings all carved out of marble. picture ruins Ephesus - Kusadasi Roman ruins in Ephesus
This public Roman toilet had seats carved from a block of marble...something like twenty four seats in all. There is quite a bit of excavating left to do.