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Pictures of Visby Sweden on Our Oosterdam Cruise Ship Vacation

Visby Sweden - Our visit to Visby Sweden on one of our cruises with lots of pictures.

Cruise review of our HAL Oosterdam cruise ship vacation

Visby is a small Swedish town that doesn't have anywhere to dock a ship the size of the Oosterdam, so we had to weigh anchor and use tenders to go to and from the ship.  Life boats are used for the tenders.

 Oosterdam Cruise - Day 6 - Visby, Sweden

We didn't take a tour but just decided to wander around the town.  Visby is a very small place that was a medieval walled city with a Viking heritage. It is a very picturesque town.  There is a little train there that takes you sightseeing, but we were told that it wasn't running because it wasn't tourist season. 

Of course, we were amazed since there were about two thousand of us in town for the day.   We did a little shopping and after a couple of hours went back to the ship.  Not really much there for a cruse review. The tender ride was a real roller coaster.
Street scene from Visby Sweden on our Oosterdam cruise
Typical street scene in Visby.

More of the town - note they were quick to tell us it was not tourist season!
Produce Vender
Produce Vender - seemingly typical of all Scandinavian towns.


pictues visby sweden oosterdam review
El Cherie and Kathy in Visby.


window shopping in Visby Sweden on our Oosterdam cruise
Cherie and Kathy doing a little window shopping.
photos Visby Sweden
Lovely flowers everywhere that we looked.
pictures narrow streets Visby Sweden
Narrow streets - apparently typical of many European and Scandinavian towns.
photographs Visby
Bill and Kathy in Visby.
pictures little shops Visby
Lots of little shops.
picture outdoor cafe Visby
Outdoor cafe. Outdoor cafes are all over the place.  We like to take a rest every so often in one and I usually order coffee while Kathy prefers sampling the local beer.
Visby street scene picture
More interesting street scenes give the flavor or Visby.
This is the wall - Visby was a walled medieval city.
This is the wall - Visby was a walled medieval city.


Enjoying wandering around town.
picture midieval wall Visiby - Oosterdam cruise
More of the city wall.
photos of the old wall around Visby
A tower in the city wall.


photo of the old town shopping area
Old town shopping area.
Visby shop window
Whimsical shop window.

Meeting fellow cruisers.

More of the charming streets.

Are we lost ?

Lovely home.


Picture of the Oosterdam cruise ship from the shore
Oosterdam as viewed from the hill we were walking on.
Oosterdam cruise review - picture of an interesting old water pump - Visby
Interesting old water pump.
Oosterdam tenders picture visby sweden
Our tenders - the seas were rough making for an interesting ride back to the ship.


picture of the inside of the tender on the Oosterdam that we used to get to and from Visby Sweden
A view of the inside of the tender as we were getting ready to return to the Oosterdam.