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Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx - our vacation pictures!

Ancient Egypt pyramids - our cruise ship vacation pictures of the pyramids

The ancient Egyptian pyramids are definitely awe inspiring!  Notice the top of the Khafre Egyptian pyramid. (You have to click on the picture to enlarge it to see what I am talking about.  The top still has some of the marble that all of the pyramids of Egypt were once covered with.  Over the centuries the marble has been used to build other buildings such as churches etc.  

It took us about an hour of wandering around before we were able to find a way to climb up on one.  They seemed to all be roped off with guards posted to keep people off.  We finally found a place on one where we could actually climb up onto one and get some really neat pictures.  It definitely was well worth the effort.  I've always wanted to see them in person, not to mention actually climbing up on one. Kathy and I were both having a hard time really believing that we were really here. Wow.

On the lighter side, notice that in some of the pictures I am wearing a cowboy hat.  We each bought one of those matching cowboy hats in Kusadasi Greece, and ever since our purchase, we've been hearing about it.  " Hey cowboy...where's your horse?" was the most common comment from the local population along with "where's your boots tex?" and "Where's your gun cowboy?"  Jeeze. Well it was funny though...

The Sphinx was truly a magnificent sight to behold.  We were told by our guide that the damage to the nose of the great sphinx was done by invading soldiers who were using it for target practice. What a shame.

Boy was it hot!  Be sure to take  water-a-plenty with you when you visit!

Click on the pictures below to enlarge.

picture of kathy in front of the Steps Pyramid pictures of egyptian pyramids picture of the sphinx picture of the sphinx with a pyramid in the background
Kathy standing in front of the Steps pyramid. We were told that this is the oldest human built structure in the world. I think Kathy is the more impressive. (Happy wife...happy life) Kathy and lots of others with Menkaure & Khafre. As you can
imagine, there were quite a few bus loads of people in attendance.
Bill (me) up on the pyramid. I must admit I never really thought I would find myself standing on a pyramid in Cairo. But there I am! Sphinx, carved out of a 
solid block of stone. The nose was destroyed by invading soldiers who were using it for target practice.
Sphinx with a pyramid in the background. Pretty good description huh?
picture of the port of Alexandria Egypt pictures of sunken ships in the port of Alexandria Egypt Temple of Zoster - picture picture of Egyptian pigeon trap picture of the statue of Ramesses
Port Alexandria. This is the biggest port I have ever seen.  It seemed to go on forever in all directions. This is an amazing shot I took in the Port  - a Ship Graveyard? I wonder why the just leave them there?  Too expensive to remove them I suppose. Temple  Zoster.  Have you noticed all the sand? Sand everywhere. This odd looking structure is a pigeon trap. We saw quite a few pigeon traps on the bus ride from Alexandria to Cairo.  Pigeon is a delicacy over there. Ramesses Statue -  It's pretty big.  Over a thousands years it lay half buried in the sand. Now the half that was buried looks brand new, and the side that was exposed is pretty badly damaged.
Tomb2Sakarra.jpg (34470 bytes) picture of the tombs of Akhethotpe Ptahotep

Tombs belonging to Akhethotpe Ptahotep  It was really strange seeing these relief's and status so close up.  People were actually touching them with their hands, so if you want to see them you had better hurry. The acid from peoples fingers will eventually destroy them unless protective measures are taken.