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Destination - The Port of Cozumel on the Cruise Ship Norwegian Sea

Pictures we took in Cozumel Mexico one of the port destinations on our cruise aboard the Norwegian Sea

In Cozumel we decided to take the excursion offered by Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL), that took us on ATV's through the jungle to Mayan ruins.  So off we went with out group in a small bus to the Jungle about 20 minutes out of town.  There they gave us 15 minutes of instruction and put us on 250 cc ATV's. Suzuki Bear Trackers.  Now we hadn't ever ridden an ATV before, but  we were game.

Off we went .. over a path that was mostly Rocks .. roots... logs.. gullies, mud puddles, overhanging branches etc., and I swear they had at least 25 feet of smooth earth ( but don't quote me on that could have been 15).  Got those suckers up to 5th gear a couple of times.

It was really a challenge .. This tour is not for those that think it will be an easy ride in the Jungle ( Like I did ) .. However I must say it was a huge amount of fun. Be prepared to get very dirty and possibly receive a bruise or two.

Here we are on the dock in Cozumel .. with the Norwegian Sea cruise ship in the background

Here we are on the dock in Cozumel .. with the Norwegian Sea cruise ship in the background

Norwegian Sea Photos Riding ATVs through the jungle.

OK .. Lets just ATV through the jungle. WHAT was I thinking!

Pictures of Norwegian Sea shore excursion on ATVs in the jungle at Cosumel Mexico

Helmet on .. ready to go. Never rode an ATV before but what the heck... we paid for this shore excursion let's do it!


Norwegian Sea Photos 035.jpg (135242 bytes)

Bill in his bandana at the break in this journey. It was hot, humid and a whole lot of fun!

Norwegian Sea Photos 037.jpg (138998 bytes)

Yep that is the road less traveled .. unless you are on  an ATV in Cozumel on a Norwegian Sea cruise.

Cozumel shore excursion pictures

Here comes Grandma...
Me!  Bill would get ahead and take pictures of me catching up.

Norwegian Sea Photos - riding ATV in the jungle at Cozumel, a great shore excursion

Here I am again .. Kids ..honest it is me

Norwegian Sea Photos 040.jpg (133281 bytes)

Resting ... I had already poured two bottles of water over me. It was so jungle-like.

Norwegian Sea Photos 041.jpg (126611 bytes)

I haven't been this dirty or tired for YEARS !!!!!!!  Just look at me covered in mud. Boy was it fun to be a kid again!

Norwegian Sea Photos 042.jpg (123701 bytes)

Finally there is the ship .. there is a shower on board ... mind you it is small :) Here I come Norwegian Sea!