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Pictures and Review of an Oosterdam Baltic Cruise

Cruise reviews of our vacation on the Oosterdam 

A collection of pictures we've taken of and on the Oosterdam and our review which is spread out among all of these pages. Some pictures have descriptions but many do not.  Just don't have time at the moment but in the future we will try to put in more descriptions.  These are in random order... we will also straighten that out in the near future.

Cruise ship pictures of a Baltic cruise on the HAL Lines Oosterdam

The Lido bar has some interesting looking bar stools.
The Lido bar has some interesting looking bar stools.
There is an arcade on this ship
There is an arcade on this ship .. so Bill tells me.
Pictures of the Art to be in the art auction...a staple on cruise ships
You Know it goes Cruising .. the Art Auction.
picture of a Basketball court on the top deck of the Oosterdam
Basketball on the top deck. Completely enclosed in a net. Necessary on a cruise ship.
picture of the coffee bar on the Oosterdam
The Coffee bar .. premium priced. But very good coffee and treats. An what the heck, it just goes on your cruise card anyway...
picture of the Odyssey, a premium restaurant on the cruise ship Oosterdam
The Odyssey .. the premium priced restaurant. We had dinner there and it was very nice.


The Spa .. Cherie looks relaxed. That may change when she gets the charges. This stuff isn't cheap.

We aren't the only ones with a laptop in the Ocean Bar. Since wireless worked here it was popular for wireless users.
picture of the lido pool
The Lido Pool . should be fun in warmer climes, but it's a bit chili at this point.


getting your nails painted on a cruise ship vacation
Kathy having her nails fixed in the cruise ship's beauty salon.

We Like Rhia .. she is fun. 
Therapy pool in the ships beauty spa.
Therapy pool in the ships beauty spa.


Boarding the Tender from Visby to the ship.
Boarding the Tender from Visby to the ship.
picture of ships tender
Rough seas on the tender and it was like a Roller coaster.

Order your wine for dinner here .. read the menu.

Picture of Visby from Tender. Really beautiful scenery.
picture tennis court Oosterdam cruise ship
Tennis Courts .. if the sea is still. Otherwise
it could be an interesting game.
deck photo oosterdam
Too cold to use the deck chairs .. Maybe next time we will go on a Mediterranean cruise.


picture of party on the Oosterdam
Parties tend to spring up this was a 40th anniversary one.

Paparazzi is a cool show .. here is the Egypt part.

Here is Scarlet in Paparazzi.


But we are Whitney Fans and she was wonderful.

And Yes it is a cool costume.

And she is the nicest lady.

Here she is on camera doesn't work well under these lighting conditions so far away.

And here again .



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