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Pictures of St. Thomas - The U.S. Virgin Islands from Our Caribbean Princess Cruise Review

Pictures of St. Thomas, the bargain-shopping bazaar of the Caribbean one of our destination ports on our Caribbean Cruise.

A Little History of St. Thomas before the review and pictures...

The Virgin Islands lured more foreign nations than any other territory. The flags of six countries have flown over the Islands. Settlements date to 1500 BC, and people lived here 1,000 years before.

The first European settlement on ST. Thomas consisted of four taverns. Now known as Charlotte Amalie, today it is a haven for shoppers, but was once a pirate sanctuary. Legitimate trade gained popularity in the1700s when it was declared a free port, making it the trading center of the West Indies.

The 1800s brought great change. The indentured population gained freedom in 1843, just as the shipping trade transitioned from sailing to steam engine vessels. Ships traveled faster, increasing sea trade between Europe and the Americas. During the First World War United States Forces feared St. Thomas' perfect port area might provide a dangerous base for German forces. The United States bought the Virgin Islands for $25 million in gold. Prosperity showered the Island. In 1950s St. Thomas became a tourist Mecca and enjoys this status today . More than 1.7 million cruise shop guests visited here last year to enjoy the duty-free shops, historic attractions, pristine beaches and friendly locals.

St. Thomas is just 40 miles east of Puerto Rico. Its northern coast borders the Atlantic, while the beaches on the Southern coast skirt the Caribbean Sea.  It has an area of 32 square miles, and a population of about 56,000.

English is the official language of the United States Virgin Islands.

The U.S. dollar is the official currency. Travelers checks and credit cards are also widely accepted.

Shopping on St. Thomas - Cruise ship passenger review

St. Thomas is the bargain-shopping bazaar of the Caribbean. There are over 400 shops along the Main Street area in Charlotte Amalie and some 50 more in Havensight Mall. You'll find excellent buys on luxury items such as fine jewelry, watches, perfume, leather, imported linens, china and crystal. Cameras, electronic goods and designer clothing.

A wonderful cruise ship destination port, the US Virgin Islands are America's paradise offering an easy-going blend of island ways and American practicality. St. Thomas capital of the island group, offers every imaginable sport; snorkeling, golfing, hiking and sailing. Just a few miles away lies St. John and The Virgin Islands National Park. Stunning mountain scenery, crystalline waters and white sand beaches with palms swaying in the breeze-the US Virgin Islands are truly a slice of paradise.

Picture of Moutain Top Bar home of the Banana Daiquiri Picture of ship docked at St. Thomas in the Caribbean
This is the world famous
place to get banana daiquiri
It is called Mountain Top Docking in St. Thomas
is sort of plain...
The cruise critic group?
gathers for our tour.
Waiting for the tour bus.... Nice view of the rear
of the ship...
  Still waiting...
Ahhh...the bus arrives.   First stop for us
anyway, down town
for some shopping
Both sides of the street,
shop after shop.
        I think Kathy ended
up buying that orange
and black dress.
A Salvation Army Store?   Cute doggie but it's stuffed Nice motorcycle  
The wine selection wasn't
all that great.
      Oh Boy!  A bar.
We rest our feet and have
a beer.
Shopping is done, now
we wait for our bus
to come back for us.
  Kathy and Judy - You
guys look bored.
The bus is back!
Beautiful countryside views.     We arrive at Mountain Top, home of the world famous Banana Daiquiri  
There is no shortage of shopping though.       Breath taking views.
      This sign describes the history of the Banana Daiquiri.  
picture of our tour bus
  Waiting for Banana Daiquiris      
pictue of ocean view St. Thomas Caribbean cruise photo of boat storage rack picture ocean beach St. Thomas Caribbean Picture St. Thomas beach
Picture of Karen and Judy in St. Thomas in the Caribbean picture bar St. Thomas Cafe in the Caribbean - St. Thomas
Karen and Judy are all wet!        
Beach photograph St. Thomas Caribbean Girls on the beach St. Thomas picture Beach Picture St. Thomas Caribbean picture beautiful sunset Caribbean
Karen and Connie at the beach.        
Picture of Kathy having a drink Photo of a great bar in St. Thomas picture of a great little bar in St. Thomas Great Bar in the Caribbean
      Christine found this bar
on a prior's a bar in a parking lot.
picture St.Thomas Image of a bar in St. Thomas Picture bus ride on St Thomas
        It looks like everyone is getting
happier by the minute.
Photo of bus ride on St Thomas Image bus ride St. Thomas picture of Couple - St. Thomas - Caribbean
Yep...much happier     Karen saying goodbye
to her cousin
cruise ship docked in St. Thomas
  The bus ride back to the cruise ship was memorable.      
Picture of pilot boat along side our cruise ship