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The Tower of London - Pictures of our Cruise Ship Vacation

Tower of London - Our travel experiences as we make our way to the cruise ship Oosterdam including pictures

pThe Tower of London from our Baltic Oosterdam cruise

Tower of London - Page 2

This is the second page of photos I took at the Tower of London during our cruise ship vacation aboard Holland America's Oosterdam cruise ship. We stayed in London the first three days before the ship departed.

On the first day we arrived at the hotel around 9:00 in the morning, and pretty much just scouted the area to determine the where what's and how's for the next several days sightseeing we would be doing while there.  

The bus tour included a ticket to get in, and as a bonus it was a faster line to get in with.  We decided to make our visit the first thing the next day.  There was a "hop on" spot near our hotel, so we had coffee first thing in the morning and then walked over to the bus stop to catch the first bus.

It turned out to be a great time to visit. We were almost the first people to arrive, there was hardly anyone else there. That made it very easy since the displays were so easy to see and to photograph.

To see the crown jewels, there is a moving walkway that you stand on and it takes you around the crown jewel display. At the crown jewels area they don't however, let you take any photos even without a flash. 

After several hours, and after having seen all that we wanted, as we were leaving, there were people by the mobs pouring in. It had already became much more difficult to get good photographs inside, with lines of people crowding around each exhibit. So try to be there when they open for the most enjoyable experience.
pictures from the tower of london of Old rifles, pistols, bayonets and swords
Sorry about the blurry pictures.  Old rifles, pistols, bayonets and swords.
photos of old rifles pistols and swords.
And more rifles pistols and swords.
picture of an antique small mortar from the Tower of London
This is a tiny little mortar. 
pictures of medieval armor including armor for children
Amazing, they had armor for children. I bet that kept the metal worker busy.
Old rifles swords, pistols
Rifles and swords.
pictures of armor of all sizes even very small armor from the collection at the Tower of London
Wow! Look how tiny that one suite of armor on the lower left is.
Pictures of old cannons
Pictures of Old Cannons
picture of a very narrow winding staircase in the Tower of London
Kathy descending a narrow little stairways that are all over the place.
picture of a display of pistols in the tower
Interesting the way they display the pistols.
Rifles swords lances pistols on display
Rifles, swords, lances, pistols.
tower of London fireplace picture
Another fireplace.
picture rifles bayonets
Fix bayonets!
huge display of old rifles you have lots of rifles.
pictures of medieval weapons
Can you imagine getting nailed by one of these in battle! Ouch!
beheading people is what this chopping block is for...
Ahh I bet I know what this is for. A chopping block for beheading people.
A torture device, in order from top to bottom, neck holder, hand holders, ankle holders.
A torture device, in order from top to bottom, neck holder, hand holders, ankle holders.  Hmmm...seems uncomfortable to me.
Armor displayed with horses. Not real horses though.
Armor displayed with horses. Not real horses though.
The Tower of London has some very big mortars - picture
There are some very larger mortars in this display.
picture large cannons tower of London
Large cannons on display.
This armor belonged to King Henry the VIII.  
This armor belonged to King Henry the VIII.  
pictures of the Tower of London
As we are leaving note that there are now people around.

Way cool, now this is the kind of thing I expect to see at a medieval castle.
photograph traitors Gate
Traitors gate again.