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Athens - Ancient Greece from our Millennium Cruise

Since we had been to Athens Greece less than a year earlier, we didn't do much but wander around doing a little shopping and didn't take many pictures, so this page is a little skimpy.

In Athens and on the internet with ancient greece in the background

Kathy updating the website from an internet cafe in Athens.  This cafe was up about three flights of very narrow stairs.

When we finally made it up to the cafe, out of breath I might add, we were the only ones there.  The cafe guy showed us to a computer explaining it had the best view out the window.  Yep, you could see the Parthenon.

Picture of the Acropolis from the window of an Internet Cafe in Athens Greece

This is the view of the Acropolis from the Internet Cafe in Athens where we updated the website - Talk about the new meeting the old. Ancient Greece from the window of an internet cafe.

Picture of internet cafe in Athens 

This is a shot from another part of the internet cafe showing what the surroundings look like.  Athens can be quite dense and crowded compared to what I'm used to.

kathy on a quiet side street in Athens

Here is Kathy standing in the middle of a small street in Athens

A Greek Stip mall

Kind of a mall like place...on our way to the outdoor cafe at the far end to get something cold to drink.  It was quite hot.

Lunch in Athens - picture of Greek Food

There I go taking pictures of my food again.  


Picture of Kathy at out door restaurant in Athens

Kathy enjoying being in an outdoor restaurant in Athens.

Ah a toast!  To cruise ship vacations, and travel in general!
Picture of a delicious Greek Salad 

Kathy just couldn't seem to get enough Greek salads.  She claims the tomatoes taste better than any she has ever had in the U.S.  


So like what's with these pigeons?  Brave little suckers.

Another pretty little side street, and since it was early in the morning it was quiet...probably will change dramatically in a few hours.

And here is Kathy on a quiet little side street in Athens

Athens from inside a taxi.