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Pictures  Pompeii, Capri, and Pictures of the Coliseum

Photographs of ancient Pompeii, the Roman Coliseum, Capri, and Sorrento we took while on our ship.


Civitavecchia is the port where we dock, but the real target is Rome.

From Civitavecchia we take a bus to Rome and hope to see such things as the coliseum, the Vatican, etc

Pictures of the Roman coliseum
Kathy taking video just outside the Roman coliseum in Rome Italy.


Pictures of Ancient Pompeii Italy - This is an ancient bar, the drinks were placed down in the holes to keep the drinks cool. 
Ancient Pompeii Italy

This is a bar of which there are many...the cold drinks were placed down in pottery pots in the holes to keep the drinks cold.

picture of the back side of the Island of Capri

The back side of the 
island of Capri Italy

Pictureof a grinding stone in ancient pompeii

This is a grinding stone arraignment for grinding the grain into flour for the baking

Picture of the ruins of a bakery in pompeii

The ruins of a bakery...this was the brick oven... they actually found carbonized loafs of bread in the ovens.

The Roman Coliseum - Pics of the interior 

That's me in the Roman coliseum.

ancient advertisment for a brothel... A male sex organ carved in the street, point in the direction of the brothel

This is an ad carved in the street pointing to the brothel.....

Kahty and I pose for a picture with gladiators at the Roman Coliseum

For about $10.00 you can have your picture taken with fake gladiators at the coliseum - she was after Bill so I borrowed his dagger to dissuade her :)

Picture of the seats and bleachers in the coliseum

Photos of the inside of the roman coliseum

Exterior view of the Roman Coliseum in Rome Italy

picture of archways at the Roman Coliseum

Picture looking down into the catacombs under the floor of the roman coliseum

Picture of the floor of the Roman Coliseum showing the tunnels and chambers where the lions were kept

Above the coliseum looking down at the tunnels and rooms below ground

Picture of the interior court yard of the home of a wealthy citizen of Pompeii

This is a courtyard in the center of a home in Pompeii....again a wealthy one

Picture of cast of a victim of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvious that buried pompeii in ash.

This is a cast of one of the victims of the eruption that buried Pompeii in ash

Plaster cast of a victim of the volcanic eruption that buried pompeii

A cast of a victim of the Pompeii eruption

picture of breads displayed in a window of a small shop in Soreento Italy

Food being displayed in the window of a small shop in Sorrento Italy

Food in Sorrento Italy being displayed in the window of a shop

Food being displayed in the window of a shop in Sorrento

picture of a fountain insde a sauna in ancient pompeii.  The walls and floor of the sauna were heated with steam

This is a fountain inside of a sauna in Pompeii. The building it's in was heated with steam in the walls and floor.

picture of a beautiful garden on Capri in Italy

St Augustine gardens were absolutely lovely. Isle of Capri.

photo of the beautiful gardens at the top of the Isl. of Capri

The Gardens at the top of Capri

picture of tourists posing with fake gladiators at the coliseum

What can I say?

pictureo of a great under-ground restaurant in Sorrento

This is the restaurant in Sorrento where we ate lunch. Hey where DID we leave the horses ??

The restaurant was below ground in what once was a wine cellar according to our host.

The food was excellent.

at the entrance to ruins of the city of pompeii

Here is a shot of Kathy taking a video of part of the entrance to the ruins of Pompeii.

photos of the inside of the coliseum 


ruins of pompeii - note the beautiful blue colors on the tiles in the background  

The arched structure in the back consists of many many individual tiles of a brilliant blue color .. it was lovely

beautiful floor mosaics ruins pompeii


Many of the homes had these beautiful mosaics on the floors

picture of the harbor at Naples Italy

Some Castle looking building in the harbor at Naples :)

pompeii - public drinking fountain

This was a public drinking fountain in Pompeii

photos of ruins in pompeii

more ruins

pompeii ruins pictures

more ruins Pompeii

Photo of the island of Capri

This is a shot of the lower portion of Capri as seen from the top of the island...duh

Yachts harbored on the backside of the Island of Capri in Italy - playground of the rich and famous

Playground of the rich and famous .. The Rothschild yacht was in attendance with some heavy hitting names aboard .. hmm our invite must have been lost in the mail

photo of a small table in the courtyard of a home in the ruins of pompeii

Statues for legs of a small table in the courtyard

Just some typical statures decorating the buildings of Pompeii

street scene in Sorrento Italy

Just a typical street in Sorrento

This is a street on the island of Capri - along this street many famous designer shops were to be found .. unfortunately we were there just before they opened for the day .. Darn it all

just another street in Pompeii... the big stones in the middle of the street were to cross the street without stepping in the sewage

Southern side of Capri - Marina for the Jet Set

This is the southern side of Capri .. a very short walk from the Northern side where the commercial marina is located. This is the Jet Set side of the island.

There it is...proof that I was at the coliseum

St. Augustine Gardens Capri Italy pics

This is the St Augustine Garden in Capri .. we were very lucky to be the first group of tourists to arrive that morning .

The small hole in the center of the step is to tie the reins of your horse to.

The hole in the center of the threshold is for tying the reins of your horse

wide shot of Trevi Fountain in Rome Italy
Trevi Fountain in Rome
I threw my three coins in ..I want to return to Rome for sure and this is the fountain for the 3 coins.

Picture of Neptune at the Trevi Fountain in Rome

That is Neptune in the center .. the god and seahorse at the bottom signify the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

picture of Trevi fountain in Rome

They clean the 3 coins per tourist out of this fountain regularly and give them to a charity similar to our red cross :)

Photo of Mount Vesuvius which buried pompeii in ash thousands of years ago.

The mountain on the right is Vesuvius .. responsible for the destruction of Pompeii