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Pictures of Stockholm Sweden - Our Cruise Lines Review

Stockholm Sweden - Pictures and comments from our Oosterdam cruise during our visit to Stockholm

Cruise line reviews of our vacation on the Oosterdam - Stockholm

Day 11 - Stockholm Sweden - Our Cruise Ship Vacation

The passage into Stockholm is too dangerous for the Oosterdam to navigate at night, so for about 4 hours early in the morning, we cruised the magnificent archipelago that lines the coast and leads into the city. The archipelago is quite beautiful as you can see from the first few photos below.

Stockholm is where the Nobel peace prize is awarded at city hall. It also has a museum called the Vasa Museum which is home to the sailing vessel Vasa.  This ship was commissioned 300 plus years ago by the King and was to be the grandest war ship of it time.  Unfortunately, it was badly engineered and sank on its maiden voyage.  It was discovered INTACT and brought to the surface 330 years later .. it is an amazing sight. Unfortunately it was too dark in the museum to get good pictures.

The other thing about Stockholm was that is was absolutely wall to wall people. I don't think I have ever seen so many people out and about on the streets and still there were traffic jams .. so who was it driving the cars ?????

pictures of Sweden sailing into Sweden pictures of Swedens shoreline from the cruise ship
Cruising into Stockholm through the archipelago...


a convoy of cruise ships
It was a parade of ships coming to port.
pictures of a line of cruise ships heading into port
Several cruise ships are following us.
pictures stockholm sweden
So Pretty getting into the city.
pictures of STockholm
Along one of the waterfronts in Stockholm.
picture of the National Opera building in Stockholm Sweden
The National Opera building.

City Hall .. site of the Nobel prize banquet annually.
picture of the Vasa Museum in STockholm Sweden
The Vasa Museum.
picture of the national museum
The National Museum.
photo of the National Museum
The National Museum.


At the Stockholm version of Tivoli.
picture of quaint little harbor
A Nice little harbor.
photo of pedestrian only street for shopping in Stockholm
Pedestrian only shopping street.


only pedestrians are allowed on this street
More on pedestrian only street.
shopping in Stockholm
picture of a large Plaza with restaruants in Stockholm
A Plaza with restaurants.


A fountain .. easy to find if you get off the track.
picture of street vendor's cart
Street Venders everywhere you look.

Fair to celebrate a new Department Store.


TGI Friday's .. Stockholm style.

Lovely  waterways everywhere.

The theatre building.


A shot of the amusement park from the Oosterdam.

The Vasa Museum from the deck of the cruise ship.

Leaving Stockholm.