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Pictures of the Oosterdam - Review of the First Day of the Cruise

Oosterdam - The first day of our cruise - a day at sea with plenty of pictures

Cruise review of our Baltic vacation on the Oosterdam

Oosterdam Cruise - Day 2 At Sea

Since today was a day at sea Kathy and I slept in to catch up on some much needed sleep and work on our cruise review for the Oosterdam.

We had room service deliver coffee...what the heck, room service is free.  We finally emerged from our cabin at about noon.  I took a break from my camera so we don't have any photos from this afternoon, but my camera attached itself to me for the evening.

We strolled down to the buffet to see what was for lunch.  Lots of choices...roast turkey, roast chicken, battered and fried sole, wiener schnitzel, various fruit salads, seafood salad, stuffed avocado, pasta salad, melon, small potatoes of some sort, green beans, and a selection of deserts that I didn't even look at.

I had the wiener schnitzel, potatoes, green beans, pasta and seafood salad, and stuffed avocado. I almost couldn't stand up after lunch!  I must be gaining a pound a day.

On our way back to the cabin, (had to get my camera), we passed the taco bar where we discovered a choice of ground beef or chicken, fresh hot tortillas, cheeses, guacamole, and other fillings.  The taco bar was next to the hot dog and cheeseburger stand serving several kinds of hot dogs including mild Italian sausage, sauerkraut, and many condiments...but after my lunch I wasn't paying a lot of attention to what else was being served. I'll have to remember to mention in my cruise review about how great the food is on this boat.

After a while we found a nice spot in a lounge...god knows which one there are so many... and set up our laptop to work on this website.  The wireless system worked just fine and seemed to be much faster than the hook up in the room.  We spent about an hour and a half working on the site and sipping apple martinis and kalua coffees... it's a wonder we got any real work done... LOL

When we grew weary of working, we dropped the lap top off at the cabin and wandered around the ship ending up at the gift shop. Kathy bought a sweat shirt at the gift shop since she didn't bring any cool weather clothing and the weather was quite chilly today

Then it was time to go get dressed for the Captains cocktail party... this was our first formal night. The Captain's cocktail party was a bit odd on this ship.. everyone gathered in the show room and sat down while the waiters brought cocktails and I think there were some appetizers but they never made it to where we were.   There was no opportunity to mingle .. different to say the least.

Dinner was lovely... surf and turf ( Lobster and Steak ) was the most popular dish... Kathy... being Kathy... ordered Surf and Surf... the waiter said "Two Lobster Tails? " She said yes... he said fine... So I ordered the same thing.  It was very good lobster. 

After dinner we took in the show in the Vista Lounge. (Aside to Brandi here... wow is Whitney talented!)  The show was one of the best I have ever seen at sea.  It was a country western review and Whitney . the lead singer... did everyone from Reba to Patsy Cline.  Quite a show. More good stuff for my cruise review of the Oosterdam.

Then we met up with Cherie and El and did the piano bar... and Greg was a lot of fun on the piano.  Lots of participation and people seem to already be finding their regular spots on the ship.

Kathy likes that roulette and number 35 so it was off to the Casino.  Now this casino is not seeing a lot of action yet on this ship so she was playing the wheel alone... but still managed to hit that 35 twice in about 20 minutes!

Disco was next... you can see there is lots to do on this ship!

Picture of large wooden Elephant on the Cruise Ship Oosterdam
Just outside the casino is a very large wooden elephant.. really cool.
pictures of fun on a cruise ship
Kathy all dressed up... not having any fun.
cruise ship food - Deliciousl shrimp cocktail tonight...
Shrimp Cocktail .. tasted as good as it looks.


DSCF0022.JPG (125140 bytes)
Bill surprised the photographer when he took a picture of him.
picture of us at dinner on the Oosterdam
Paul and Joan .. tablemates from Toronto.
picture of fine dining on a cruise ship
Harvey and Pat .. tablemates from New Jersey.


DSCF0027.JPG (118402 bytes)
Cherie and El .. aren't they elegant.
DSCF0029.JPG (125322 bytes)
Us .. spiffed up !!
DSCF0030.JPG (198535 bytes)
Kathy being goofy in the Piano bar.


DSCF0032.JPG (118811 bytes)
Cherie and Kathy .. Looking quite glamorous.
picture of Oosterdam piano bar
Cherie having some fun at the piano bar.