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Our Photos of the Ancient City of Pompeii - Photos from Our Cruise

Pictures of the ancient city of Pompeii Burried Under Ash

This is the second page of photos that we took while we were on our ship excursion tour to the ruins... to see the first page of photos of the ruins click the link above.  

Click on the image to enlarge!

ancient city pompeii - fresco on merchants homes wall street scene in ancient pompeii
Frescos on the walls of a wealthy citizens house.  Frescos are made by mixing colors into wet plaster. They are incredibly beautiful even after thousands of years. Don't know what is but it kept it's brilliant blue color for thousands of years!  (The arch thingy in the center of the picture way in the back) Another street scene in the ancient city Pompeii. Note the stepping stones that periodically cross the street. When it rained raw sewage flowed through the streets, and no one wanted to walk in it. They placed stepping stones across the streets so one could cross the street without stepping in the sewage.
photo flour mill
Don't know what this is but it's a cool shot. One of the bummers of being on a "high speed" many things to wonder about... See the hole in the center of the step in front of the door?  The hole in the stone door step is for tying up your horse! Flour Mill in one of the many bakeries.  It's incredible to me what people were able to do with rocks in those days. 

Here is a granite block...I'd like a flour mill please...when can I pick it up?