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Our Celebrity Cruise Line Ship Pictures of our Mediterranean Cruise

We had a great time on our Celebrity cruise. Here is a selection of pictures of food, service people, friends and places on the ship.

Big Smile
This is Zulpubor, our waiter at dinner on the ship

Zulpubor our waiter was always smiling :)

Breakfast Buffet Line
cruise ship food on Celebrity Lines Millennium

Custom omelets cooked to order - Yummy !!

Cocktail Waitress
Picture of a coctail waitress we liked

Still can't remember her name....

Cocktail Waitress - Kriztina
picture of Kriztina one of Celebrity's cocktail waitresses

Another cocktail waitress that we enjoyed talking to...from Hungary I believe.

Breakfast Rolls
Food picture - photo of breads at breakfast aboard ship

A nice assortment of Rolls and Breads available at the breakfast buffet line each morning..

Edit and another crew member

wish I could remember those names

Edit one of the ships bartenders
Edit was one of our favorite bar tenders on the Millennium

This is Edit one of the bartenders...yes her name is Edit...I called her

Diana from Croatia

Diana is the cocktail waitress in the casino so we saw her a lot!

Eduardo at the poolside bar
pool side bar picture from the Millennium

we spent a lot of time with Eduardo

Frida & Sjofn

Frida and Sjofn share our table at dinner each night.

Edit the bartender

This particular bar was just outside the dinning room...there are so many bars....Bill kept calling Edit .. Delete ...

Indoor Pool
Millenniums indoor pool with a couple of hot tubs - picture

This is the ship's indoor pool with two hot tubs.

Indoor Pool Area
picture of the deck running alongside the indoor pool on the millennium

This is the deck running alongside the ship's indoor pool.

Helopad on Ship
Picture of the helicoptor pad up at the bow of the ship

A shot of the helicopter pad at the bow of our cruise ship.

Kathy At Breakfast Buffet - 2
cruise ship breakfast - pictures of the breakfast buffet

Another shot of Kathy selecting her breakfast - I don't know HOW she lost 5 pounds on this trip??

Kathy at Ship Pool
picture of one of Millenniums swimming pools

One of the pools on the ship -- the bathing suit is in the lost luggage !!!

Kathy Bagging Some Rays

Here's a shot of Kathy sun bathing :) The bathing suit finally arrived in that lost luggage :)

Kathy Lookin Good

Kathy standing on the deck...just thought it would make a nice photo

Kathy Playing Roulette
picture playing roulette on the Millennium - a Celebrity cruise ship

Yes Kathy spent a lot of time at the roulette wheel...fortunately she usually won

Kathy Takes a Puff
Picture of Kathy smoking a cigar in the Millenniums cigar bar

Finally got that sucker lit - hmmm last year a hookah this year a cigar .. wonder what she'll smoke next year ??

Kathy's Breakfast Nook
cruise ship deck pictures

After loading her tray with breakfast Kathy heads for our favorite place to eat breakfast


Another photo of Kriztina

Lighting Her Cigar

Rosalba lights a cigar for Kathy

Millennium in Kusadasi

The Crown Odyssey and the Millennium...the Millennium is bigger. (Bigger does not mean better)

The Millennium docked in kusadsi picture

The Millennium from the shore in Kusadasi

Monica... our Cabin Steward

Monica kept our cabin spotless and chocolates on the pillows....

pool picture celebrity cruise millennium

One of the ships pool

Pool Area
Millennium pool and deck photos

A shot of an area near one of the ships pools.

Relaxing Before Dinner

Kathy and I have a drink with Andy and Barbara before dinner

Ship Docked at Limassol

Here you get a perspective of how big this ship is .. note how it compares to the commercial crane.

Ship from Villafranche

Ship Pool Scene
ship pool scene

This is a shot of one of the ships pools during a typical afternoon

pictures lowering tenders from the side of the ship

Tender - shuttle boats
lowering life boats from the side of the Millennium

Since we could pull up to a dock we had to be ferried back and forth in these little boats

View of Piraeus Harbor
PIcture of Piraeus Harbor from aboard the cruise ship

Piraeus Harbor from the area of the ship where we liked to eat breakfast