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Tallinn Estonia - Pictures of our Oosterdam Cruise

Estonia - Our cruise ship pictures and comments. Cruises include the Mexican Riviera, the Orient, the Baltics and more

Our brief visit to Tallinn, Estonia was a very cold one. We walked the streets for a while, checking out the flower market, shops, and cafes.  We shopped for some souvenirs to take home to our kids, and looked at sweaters for Kathy. We ended up buying two Estonia sweaters, and a few souvenirs for the kids.

We stopped in a local cafe to get a bite to eat. Kathy ordered a beer and some chili and I ordered cottage pie and coffee. We also asked for an order of their deep fried garlic bread. It sounded intriguing.

The garlic bread was cut into small strips, and was a dark dense bread. It was powerful but very good.

Well... the chili that Kathy ordered was HOT! (spicy hot). This stuff put jalapenos to shame. As we looked around the cafe we noticed that it was a very popular dish, noting several pretty young women were seemingly enjoying the stuff. The chili was served over rice.

My cottage pie was a dish with layers of ground meat and potatoes in a bowl and covered with a thick layer of melted cheese. It was very good.

I'm sure we would have enjoyed our visit much more if it had not been so darned cold. Kathy had seen an item of clothing she would have liked to have returned to and bought, but we weren't sure exactly where we had seen it and decided it was just too cold and we returned to the ship.

The flower market in Tallinn.
The flower market in Tallinn.
Tallinn - pictures of of the flower market.
Closer up view of the flower market.
pictures of flowers in Tallinn Estonia
And an even closer view.
street scene in Tallinn while on our Oosterdam shore excursion
Street scene in Tallinn.
pictures of Tallinn - Narrow crooked streets were used for defense. 
Narrow crooked streets were used for defense. 
picture Tallinn Estonia Oosterdam excursion
Street scene in Tallinn.


McDonald's in Tallinn
McDonalds everywhere.
Above a bakery.
Sweater market in Tallinn
Sweater market.


picture street Tallinn Estonia baltic cruise
More narrow streets.
HAL Oosterdam shore excursion stree picture Tallnin Estonia
Lots of narrow streets !!
Tallinn picture
Scene in town.
Tallnin Photos - street repairs
An example of Tallinn street repairs.

Beautiful church in Tallinn Estonia.
Tallinn photos


Tallinn photographs  sign on street
Interesting sign.

For a moment I thought my daughter might be in town...
picture restaruant Tallinn
A picture of a small part of the restaurant where we ate.


Food pics - Our meal at the restaurant.  Note the deep fried garlic bread in the middle.
Our meal at the restaurant.  Note the deep fried garlic bread in the middle.
food pictures - Eating lunch in Estonia
This is the hot stuff!  
shore excursion - cottage pie for lunch
The cottage pie...ok the picture is a tad blurry.  It was quite good, I would order it again given the chance.