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Egyptian pyramids - Pictures of Ancient Egypt pyramids from Our Millennium Cruise Ship Vacation

Pictures of pyramids! Egypt was every bit as cool as I thought it would be.  Not temperature-wise... that's for sure.

ancient egypt - Photographs we took on our cruise line vacation Egyptian Pyramids Sphinx in Egypt
Yep, that's me in the 
cowboy hat standing 
on a real pyramid. 
I've always wanted to 
visit the pyramids.


Have to get a picture 
of me with the pyramids
in the background. Too
many people around but
oh well.
Another obligatory
photograph. Everybody
should have a photo of
themselves with the sphinx
in the background.  
BKPyramid.jpg Camel at the Pyaramids in Egypt. KathyonPyramid.jpg
Kathy and I in front 
of a pyramid. 
Yes, it's an Egyptian 
dude on a camel.
Yes Kathy, you were
on a pyramid too! 


Picture of Egyptian Pyramids pigeon trap in Egypt photograph  Port of Alexandria.jpg
Plenty of tourists 
milling about. About
a dozen bus loads.
This is a pigeon trap.  
Yes it looks like one 
of those incinerators 
they burn sawdust in 
at the lumber mills up 
in Oregon. 


This is the port of Alexandria.  
I think I was told it was the 
2nd largest seaport in the 
world.  I believe it.
ramses 2 or ramess II.jpg Picture of the Egyptian sphinx.jpg Close up of Sphinx in Egypt
Statue of Ramesses.  It
lay half burried in the
sand for thousands
of years. Notice the
right hand side that is
all pitted and worn.
That was the side that
was sticking out of the
sand. Brought down
by an earthquake.


The great Egyptian
Sphinx and a pyramid.
Classic shot eh!
Closer up shot of the
face of the Sphinx.
picture of the port of Alexandria in Egyt Sunset  Port of Alexandria Egypt photo of tomb near the Sphinx
Sunken ships at the entrance to the port of Alexandria Egypt.


Sunrise in Alexandria. Entrance to a tomb 
near the Sphinx.
snap shot of steps pyramid in Egypt. Temple Zoster Egypt Photo picture of Egyptian tomb Sakkarra
Kathy in front of the
steps pyramid.
Temple Zoster. Tomb Sakkarra



picture of tourist shops next to cruise ship Art on papyrus  for sale in the gift shops Picture of date-palms loaded with dates
This is a bunch of
tourist shops that
sprouted next to
our cruise ship.
Here is some art on
papyrus that they
were selling in the
store in Cairo.


We saw loads of 
date-palms loaded
with dates.
photo of lunch at the Meena in Cairo, Egypt Picture of Tomb Sakkarra in Egypt
Lunch at the Meena 
hotel in Cairo, we
didn't know what most
of it was either.