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Zihuatanejo - Mexican Riviera Cruise Review - Carnival Spirit Cruise Ship

Live daily blog from the Carnival Spirit on our Acapulco cruise - This is our stop in Our Stop in Zihuantenjo on our Mexican Riviera Cruise.

Zihuatanejo - Mexican Riviera Cruise Review - Carnival Spirit Cruise Ship

What a beautiful setting as we anchored off the bay at Zihuatanejo. 

It was a  lovely day, hot but not overwhelming like it was in Acapulco.  Because this destination is a tender port we lingered over coffee and rolls on the balcony and made our way to the tenders just as they were announcing that tickets were no longer necessary.  We walked down the stairs and on to a tender for the short ride over very smooth water to the dock at Zihuatanejo.

I was walking a bit better today although still limping and I had taken a pain killer because I was NOT going to miss this port.  We picked up a pair of sunglasses for Bill (he managed to lose his overboard) and wandered out of the immediate port area. (Note there are a ton of taxi drivers on the port, but if you walk out of the port market area and onto the main street, there are plenty of taxis and they are a bit less money.)( A little tip from our cruise review)

We asked the driver how much to La Perla at La Playa Ropa and we settled on $10.00 for the three of us.  Off we went on a lovely drive up the side of a hill and then down.  La Perla is a restaurant and bar with all of the usual beach chairs and umbrellas etc.  We found our group on the beach and procured the beach chairs ( no charge ) we needed them to add another umbrella and the guy drilled a hole in the sand and placed it just right... that was $4.00.  

It is a beautiful beach with parasailing, jet skis, banana boats and swimming.  The Carnival Spirit Was anchored off in the distance. Drinks were ordered and food was ordered.  Some of us at down on our beach chairs with small tables and some gathered in a group at the larger tables in the shade.  The food was wonderful, the food was very reasonably priced and they just ran tabs or whoever wanted them to so that it was easy to pay once as we were leaving.

My son loves cigars and they have a walk in humidor which is well stocked.  He bought several cigars, most of which he will need to smoke before we get back to the U.S. (Cubans of course).  There is one small gift shop there.

The most outstanding part of all of this was the fantastic service.  They never let anyone go without anything for long.  The prices were really good and after a day of drinking and eating ( and trust me here my son can drink and eat A LOT) and the cigars that he bought, the total bill for 4 of us was $100 after adding a generous trip.  Others in the group reported smaller bills (more normal appetites and no cigars) so we all felt it was quite cheap.  Everyone said that this was the best stop and many of them who usually cruise the Caribbean admitted that they would love to go back there.

They it was another smooth tender ride back to the ship and a couple of hours of relaxing on the balcony.  This is where I made another mistake... I decided that I better not take a painkiller for my back since I wanted a drink or two during the evening.  So we got dressed and went to the casino bar for a before dinner drink and a cigarette.  I stood up to go to the dining room and the pain shot through me.  Off to the dinning room, and the minute the appetizer was served I realized there was no way I could eat or sit.  I excused myself and returned to my cabin where I was asleep in a matter of minutes and slept for about 12 hours.  So I have nothing to tell you about last night!!!

Feeling better tonight ( 2nd Elegant Night).  Tomorrow I will write up some observations and information about the ship which I hope will be helpful. That's it for the Zihuatanejo portion of my Carnival Spirit Mexican Riviera cruise review.