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Ship cruise through the Greek Islands - Pictures of Santorini

Our Greek Islands cruise review and real life experiences, pictures, comments and more for the Crown Odyssey!

Greek Island Cruise Review  - Visit to the Greek Island of Santorini 


At the top of the Greek Ilsand of Santorini - picture

Bill & Kathy at the top of Santorini.
Santorini a greek island - picture taken from the cruise ship deck

In 1969 I rode a donkey to the top on that zig-zag trail. You can still do that but now they have a cable car. We took the cable car.


view of the Crown Odyssey cruise ship from the cable car at Santorini... a greek island

Our ship as seen from the cable car station at the top.




Kathy in the internet cafe on the cruise ship Crown Odyssey

Kathy on the computer in the Lido lounge aboard the ship


Photo of a Santorini Beer

This is (according to our waiter) a special "Santorini Beer". After he brought the mug of beer he dropped a small glass of red liquid into the mug and told us to wait 5 minutes, then drink.


pictures of special Santorini beer served by the restaurant

Here the waiter is dropping the small glass of red liquid into another couples beer.


View from the top of the greek island of santorini

A nice shot of the top of Santorini


xsantorinitopfromtop.jpg (39542 bytes)

Another view of Santorini


Barwithswimpool.jpg (34445 bytes)

We thought this sign was interesting.


Kathymenu.jpg (40654 bytes)

Kathy reading the menu...the waiter told us he had the coldest beer on santorini.


lunch at Santorini..mousaka

Lunch! Greek salad and "mousaka", (eggplant, potatoes, and some kind of ground meat) was quite good!



Street scene from Santorini a greek island

Just a street in Santorini...


Santorini greece

Another photo from Santorini...


Santorini's harbour ... a greek island in greece

The harbor as seen from the top of Santorini


view of the ship from the top of Santorini

The ship as seen from the restaurant.