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Millennium's Grand Buffet - pictures of cruise ship food

I love to take pictures of food.

Our cruise on the Millennium had a big fancy buffet night...known as the Grand Buffet.   After we ate dinner, I decided that I should get my camera and go get some photographs.  We had been hearing about what a big deal it was supposed to be for several days. Kathy does not care for buffets so we usually don't bother.

There was a huge crowd waiting to get into the grand buffet, and it appeared that almost everyone had a camera with them.  The Chefs had spent all day preparing for this grand event.  As I understand it they allowed an hour or so for people to view and photograph it, and then it was opened up for everyone to eat if anyone wanted too.  I didn't stay long so I don't know if anyone actually ate any.  LOL

Some looks good...and some looks terrible if you ask me...but to each his own.  Keep in mind I had just finished a huge dinner at our normal sitting, and the last thing I wanted was anything to eat in any form..  When you are in pain from over eating the grand buffet is much less impressive.

Here are the food photographs from the Grand Buffet.

Click on the image to enlarge!

picture food cruise ship grand buffet picture grand buffet millennium cruise photos of cold cuts at the grand buffet
Ladies and gentlemen...may I present the Grand Buffet! Boy I'll tell ya...they
had just about every kind
dish you can imagine.


Pretty fancy cold cuts. Maybe they are supposed to be Hor'dourves
Celebrity cruise - Grand Buffet pictures - Millennium pastry pictures - grand buffet - Millennium cruise Photos of the Grand Buffet on the Millennium Celebrity Cruise to the Mediterrannean
More cold cuts or whatever...Lets see...if you took one 
each many plates would be needed.


To be honest with you
I have no idea what this
stuff is.
So is this supposed to be the
Greek letter pi ?


Food pictures - ice sculpture pictures of lobster tails - cruise ship food pics cruise food pictures - ice sculpture
All kinds of inventive little
goodies here....notice the ice sculpture in the left rear...


Wow, look at all the 
lobster tails! 
Ice sculpture I guess. 
Even looking right at
it just a few feet away, 
 I could not figure out what the
heck it is supposed to be.
Fancy cruise ship food pictures - melon boat etc. cruise food photos photographs of cruise ship food - buns, pretzels and breads
How clever, a melon boat, a little bird in flight, and can you see the pig and the turtle? Once again I have no clue
as to what this is.
Some pretty big pretzels. I
believe they had just about
every type bun and bread
product possible.


Celebrity cruise food - ice sculpture cruise food dessert picture cruise ship dessert pictures
Ok now this ice
sculpture is a little
easier to figure out... it's
a swan! 
Anybody have a sweet tooth?  Ok...go ahead and choose a
dessert.  I dare you.
wait there are more choices...
pictures of cruise ship deserts - food pics Millennium cruise food pictures - ice sculpture
and still more. I don't know what it was, but everyone was taking photographs.
So I did too.