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A Stop In Acapulco On Our Mexican Riviera Cruise Review of the Carnival Spirit

Live daily blog from the Carnival Spirit's stop at Acapulco on our Mexican Riviera Acapulco cruise vacation - lots of photos

Acapulco was HOT and no breeze. We had nothing planned so we decided to get off the ship, go to a couple of shops (we needed a sombrero for Bill's costume) and then go back to the ship and relax.  We docked at about 11AM and we left the ship about noon.  We wandered out of the dock area and were immediately besieged by taxi drivers, merchants, beggars etc. 

We managed to get away from that crowd when we met Victor.  Victor had a green shirt and badges on lanyards and most importantly of all a whistle.  He explained that he was paid by the government to guide tourists and since we couldn't shake him we decided what the heck and followed him.

This is where the whistle came in extremely handy.  He strode out into the center of a very busy street blowing the whistle and the cars all stopped to let us across... hmm maybe we were on to something here.  He took us past all the "American made in China" shops to a local market with crafts etc.  We found a sombrero and I needed a beer.  After the cervesa, I was ready to go back to the ship but Victor had other ideas.  He took us to the plaza where the Soledad Cathedral was located. 

It was beautiful and we looked all around inside.  Then the trouble started... I missed the first step leaving the Cathedral and twisted a couple toes pretty badly while re-injuring my back, but hey I can see the ship from here lets just walk. Big mistake, but we did make it and immediately went for a Drink of the Day to ease the pain!!

My foot got about twice the normal size and... darn it all.. it is Halloween and I have a costume that is sure to win the prize.  No way was I missing the party.  So we got our selves all dressed up and then it was time for the shoes... ummmmm perhaps not maybe the dirty flip flops and since they are the only possibility on they went... just lovely!! Off to dinner we trooped and it was a very lively group since all of our group had elected to wear costumes.

All of the guests in costume and some not were to meet, after dinner,  in the atrium lobby while the entertainment crew decided on the finalists for the costume contest.  Sure enough I was asked to be a finalist and off we all went to the Pharaoh  Theatre for the judging.  It was a lot of fun even if I didn't win... sigh.

more later, off to Zihuatanejo...