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Greek Island Cruise - Boston Before the Cruise

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2 Days in Boston Before Flying To Athens to board The Cruise Ship Crown Odyssey 

We had a great time in Boston...will definitely go back at some point.  So much history to see and pretty dog gone food too! We walked some path that directs you to local historical sites, and I had the best clam chowder ever. Tons of interesting things to do and see.  We saw the grave sites of lots of famous people including Paule Revere! A day or two in Boston before heading to Athens was a great Idea.

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picture Boston radio shack store

This is a Radio Shack Store that we thought was interesting. (Jewish Advocate?

Picture of Paul Revere's grave

The Granary Grave yard...this is Paul Revere's grave.

Picture of Old Ironsides Masts in Boston Harbor

Old Ironsides, well you can see the masts.

Photo of the Parker House Hotel in Boston - home of the parker house rolls and the Boston cream pie

The Parker House Hotel where we stayed in Boston - The oldest continually operating hotel in the United States, and where both Parker House Rolls and the Boston Cream Pie were invented.

Picture of Statue of Sam Adams in front of Faneuil Hall in Boston

Bill in front of statue of Sam Adams in front of Faneuil Hall



Picture of graveyard where pilgrims are burried

Kathy deciding where she wants to be buried some day. This is the graveyard where the pilgrims were buried.



Photograph Faneuil Hall

Kathy at Faneuil Hall

Picture of Starbucks in Boston Mass.

Starbucks coffee with a tea pot?

Picture of Swan Boats Boston Public Gardens

Swan boats in the Boston Public Gardens...continuously operated since the 1800's


picture of Bill working on the laptop in his hotel room in the Parker hotel  in Boston

Bill building this web page....we are building a website for our cruise ship vacation.


Picture taken from the top of John Hancock building of Boston

View from the top of the John Hancock building, the tallest building in Boston.

Photo of the inside of the John Hancock building

Kathy at the top of the John Hancock building

Picture of "Boston Duck Tours" amphibious vehicles... great fun

World War II amphibious landing craft converted to a tour vehicle... "Boston Duck Tours".

Photograph of Duck tour boat in Boston

Another Duck entering the St. Charles river right behind us.

Street scene

Reflection in a window of Kathy and I on the back of the duck.

picture of the JOhn Handcock building

A couple of buildings being reflected in the glass windows of the John Handcock building.

Picture eating lobster in Boston

Bill eating a lobster

Picture of large teddy Bear statue

Kathy with a large teddy bear