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Cruise reviews of our vacation on the Oosterdam

Day 13 - Copenhagen Denmark - The Cruise is over.

We arrive in the morning in Copenhagen, checked our bags into the Hilton, and set off by train for down town.  We just walked around to see what there was to see.  We checked out the sweater shop we heard about on the ship, ate a hot dog from a street vendor, visited Tivoli gardens, made reservations for dinner at a restaurant in Tivoli gardens, and returned to the hotel to check in and freshen up before returning to Tivoli for dinner.

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view of the port from our balcony on the Oosterdam
A shot of the port from the deck of the Oosterdam
Airport - Copenhagen
We and our luggage are transported to the airport.  All we did was put our luggage with the appropriate tags attached in the hallway last night. It found it's own way to the airport.
airport has a walkway to the Hilton
The airport has a walkway to the Hilton where we spent the night, and links to the train station where we could easily catch a train to down town Copenhagen.
The Hilton is on the right.
A picture taken from the walkway that connects the airport to the Hilton. The Hilton is on the right.
airport terminal
Another photo of the airport terminal.
The Hilton in The Hilton
The Hilton, only 3 years old, but it seemed to me to be only 3 weeks old.  Very nice.
copenhagin1 015.jpg (129552 bytes)
The train station platform to catch the train down town.
The train station platform down town.
The train station platform down town.
pictures of bikes in Copenhagen
Just outside the they use a lot of bikes here?
Flower and fruit stand
Flower and fruit stand near the train station.
City Hall
City Hall.
City Hall and the plaza
City Hall and the plaza.
copenhagin1 045.jpg (253739 bytes)
Fish fountain in front of City Hall.
7-11 and Burger King !!!
7-11 and Burger King !!!
copenhagin1 048.jpg (129093 bytes)
These are free bikes for any ones to use.  You put a coin in to release the bike, and you get your coin back when you return it.
movie theatre near Tivoli
A movie theatre near Tivoli.
A Santa shop
A Santa shop we found.
a local pub
Time for a coffee/beer break at a local pub.
inside photo of the pub
Another inside photo of the pub where we took our little rest from walking.
pedestrian only shopping street
A pedestrian only shopping street.
Fruit stands
Fruit stands everywhere we go.
So we were wondering what the heck these were.  I asked.  Hazelnuts!  
copenhagin1 070.jpg (133301 bytes)
And if you weren't in the mood for fruit, you could always buy one of these little piggy!
picture of a church
A church.
A plaza where several pedestrian only streets met.
Spire in Copenhagen statue on the canal in Copenhagen
A statue on the canal in Copenhagen