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The Island of Capri Italy on our Mediterranean Cruise

Capri - photos of the lower part of the island.

This is a shot of the lower portion of Capri as seen from the top of the island.  It sure is picturesque!  This picture was taken through the window of the trolley taking us up.

The beautiful Island of Capri Italy - Scenic picture of the ocean off of Capri

Back side of the island, a really breath taking view. I'm not sure how we ended up with this order but apparently I'm starting
at the top of the island and heading down as far as this page goes anyway.

Island capri Italy - Marina photos with anchored Yachts

Playground of the rich and famous .. The Rothschild yacht was in attendance with some heavy hitting names aboard .. hmm our invitation  must have been lost in the mail or something.

Southern side of Capri with yachts ancored in the beautiful blue water.

This is the southern side of Capri .. a very short walk from the Northern side where the commercial marina is located. This is the Jet Set side of the island.

Picture of dangerous winding road descending down the clifs on the isl of Capri
There is, amazingly enough, a road that goes from the top all the way to the bottom on the wall of this cliff.

Capri - pictures of a dangerous winding road on the face of a cliff
Here is another view of that winding road.  Boy, I'm glad I don't have to drive up and down that road.

Beautiful St. Augustine Garden on the Italian Isl. of Capri - pictures

This is the St Augustine Garden We were very lucky to be the first group of tourists to arrive that morning.  It was quite, peaceful and beautiful.  An hour later it was noisy and crowded.  People everywhere.

more photos of the gardens

That's Kathy way back there taking a video of me taking a photo of her...

lovely capri garden pics
I don't know what happened here.... I think I got a shot of the gardens that does not have Kathy in it.

Capri Italy - photographs of the beautiful gardens on the island
Another shot of the
gardens and yes Kathy
is in this one.
pictures of Capri
If you look close, you will see Kathy in there.
The lovely gardens - garden photos from Capri

We were quite impressed with the St Augustine gardens at the top of the island of Capri, which  were absolutely lovely.
picture of quaint street in Capri Italy
One of the little streets on the island Capri Italy.
photos of Capri
This is Kathy of course, on the other side of the street in the preceding picture.
Trolly cars - Capri Italy - photos
I'm in the front of the front car on the trolley and was
thus able to get this shot out of the front window heading back down to the docks.
Pictures of the designer shops on Capri Italy

This is a typical street on the  along this street many famous designer shops were to be found .. unfortunately we were there just before they opened for the day and our tour group had to board the trolley to go to the top before getting a chance to shop there.
Pictures of the dock area on the island of Capri
Another shot of the dock area.  This is very deceptive.  We were about the first group to arrive.  An hour or so later and you could hardly move for all the people.
photo of tour group on Capri
This is our group having just arrived.
capri pictures
As we depart for Sorrento aboard the hydrofoil.

MORE BODY TEXT While we waited to get under way, several other cruise ships left the dock... an NCL vessel and the HAL Westerdam.  I happen to really like HAL ships... to bad we aren't on the Westerdam. LOL  I like princess too, but I think the food and service is a little better on the HAL ships.

Dinner the 1st night was good, and the buffet food we had for lunch was excellent... maybe Princess Lines are improving? 

I didn't take many pictures the first day, but what I did take is displayed in the slideshow.