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Our Norwegian Sea Cruise Ship Vacation

We had a great time on our cruise on NCL's Norwegian sea, and here are some of the photos we took while on our vacation.

Norwegian Sea Photos Me in a Tux on formal night

Glamour is optional on this cruise .. but hey I love the formal nights.


Osso bucco -  a cruise ship food picture

My favorite Osso Bucco was the meal of the day at the Pasta cafe. Cruise ship food pictures.


Norwegian Sea Pictures

Having fun with my new friend Suzanne !! You meet lots of fun people on cruises!



Cigars in the Gatsby lounge

You can smoke a cigar in the Gatsby Lounge. They have a great selection of cigars too.



cruise food

Bill Loves to take pictures of cruise ship food.

more food pictures of a buffet line on the Norwegian Sea

More food. A buffet.


picture of a poolside bar on the cruise ship Norwegian Sea

The Bar at the Pool .. All Around the Town

cruise ship drinks pictures of the crew setting up a display to sell ugly monkey drink cups

Are those Monkey drink holders ugly or what ?

cookies and other goodies - pictures of cruise food

More food pictures... cookies fancy bread, some cheeses.



Norwegian Sea Photos - Pool side band

The band "Joy" .. they played every day .. loudly . and you could never hear the lyrics .. we were looking for a plank for them to walk

Norwegian Sea Photos - pictures of monkey cups

More pictures of the ugly monkeys



Norwegian Sea Photos PIcture of me having a drink of the day

Bill having a drink of the day . note the curly mustache ...


Norwegian Sea pictures - This cruise seemed to always be having a pool side BBQ.

BBQ's by the pool were great. Roasted corn and sausages.

Norwegian Sea Photos 151.jpg (132367 bytes)

Remember the picture of Bill having the drink of the day ????????

cruise ship picture of a towel folded into an animal on the Norwegian Sea.

When we got back to the room to retire for the evening, we found an aardvark on our bed! Had to take a picture of the folded towel animal!

Picture of folded towel animal on our Norwegain Sea cruise

Kathy was quite fond of the aardvark



Norwegian Sea Photos - pictures of cruise ship fun

Our favorite waiter .. Dane from the Gatsby .. they make great martini's there

pictures of cruising aboard the Norwegian Sea

And did we have a bunch of fun with this crowd !!!!


The 9th floor deck got crowded on the last at sea day

The 9th floor deck got crowded on the last at sea day


picture of the deck and pool area of the Norwegian Sea cruise ship



Norwegian Sea Photos picture of a towel folded like an elephant on our cruise vacation

This time it was a  towel elephant with Chocolate eyes

photo norwegian sea pool area picture
picture of one of the pool areas back there somewhere


Kathy all dressed up for one of the formal nights on the cruise.


A Wedding Proposal...
Getting married on the Norwegian Sea.

This is Bryan and Susie moments after Bryan popped the question!


Have to have a few group shots..



picture of weddings on cruise ships

A toast to the newly engaged couple!