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San Diego - Embarking on a Mexican Riviera Cruise aboard the Holland America Lines Cruise Ship the Oosterdam

We stayed at Holiday Inn on the Bay and if you get a bay view tower room, this is the view of the Port of San Diego and you can watch the cruise ships come in and dock as we did for the Oosterdam.

Our room had a great view of the Oosterdam as you can see from the photos below. Trouble was the ship comes in awfully early in the morning. I think we were up at 5 am or something to watch it come in. I'm not sure why, but Kathy just loves to watch them come and go. She has her laptop setup to view the bridge cams on the cruise ships and even a camera that views the ships coming into the harbor.

Later this morning we plan to meet with a bunch of our cruise critic friends and have breakfast since we don't board the ship until after lunch I believe.

Maybe this great view of the cruise ship will lead to a great cruise review of the Oosterdam.

photos of San Diego at the dock where the cruise ships come in. pictures of the cruise ship Oosterdam docking in San Diego
View of the aircraft carrier that is docked very close to where the cruise ships dock. You can see it pretty good from the deck of the ship before you leave San Diego. Another shot of the port of San Diego from our hotel room. You can see the tall ships. The Oosterdam has docked. Doesn't it look magnificent? I can't wait for the cruise to begin!
picture tall ships san diego
pirate ship pictures - cruise review Oosterdam photo of Oosterdam docking in San Diego
There are some neat old tall ships in the harbor... I think one might be a museum or something. Neat old pirate ships. However, I still prefer to travel on a cruise ship with chocolates on the pillows. Another view of the Oosterdam in port.
Cruise ship review - The Oosterdam comes into port
Pictures of the Oosterdam coming into the port and preparing to dock. It certainly looks like a big ship doesn't it?  
More scenic photos of the port of San Diego. Really neat pictures of the skyline. Another photo of the San Diego skyline and harbor. Just magnificent to view.
tall ship pirate ship pirate ships sailing in San Diego harbor
Beautiful picture of the harbor. pictures of tall ships with all of the sails up. Pirate ships ahoy! Arrrrgh.
picture pirate ship firing cannon in San Diego    
Pirate Ship firing it's
Cannon. It really startled a few passengers. Quite impressive to watch. Lots of smoke.